Simon Cowell Launches Online Talent Contest

Simon Cowell

Sometimes you have to wonder if Simon Cowell ever sleeps or if he’s just a vampire. With American Idol and The X Factor under his belt (just here in the US, we aren’t counting all the other things he has going on in the UK) you have to wonder how he comes up with all these talent shows to help launch people into stardom.

Now, two years or so after the launch of the American version of The X Factor, Cowell is back with an online talent contest. Cowell’s company, Syco Entertainment and Youtube have announced that they will be launching Your Generation, a global talent contest where they are seeking people with “original and unconventional talent” from singers and artists to chefs and magicians.

The contest is slated to start next month and will run for a year; every two weeks auditions from different categories will take place. Potential contestants can enter their videos at the contest’s official Youtube page which will then be seen by a panel of judges.

While the prizes have yet to be confirmed, this talent contest will be available in 15 different languages as well as 26 countries around the world. So start working on those talents guys; who knows, you might be the next big thing.