Andrew W.K. and the 24 Hour Drumming Record


Andrew W.K. is currently in the process of making world history for drumming for 24 hours straight as part of Viacom’s O Music Awards, but last night, the party-rocker got a little bit of a surprise when Cuba Gooding Jr. came to help him out a little.

Someone took video of the attempt featuring Gooding Jr. playing a cow bell and posted it on Vine. The video can be seen below:

Gooding Jr. isn’t the only guest appearance the rocker will have to help him out on his quest; as seen in the video, Roots’ drummer, Questlove will also be joining the mission. Marky Ramone, Red Hot Chili Peppers’ Chad Smith, Billy Joel drummer Liberty DeVitto, Nick Jonas, Zac Hanson and more have joined the 24 hour mission as well.

The drumming marathon started last night (June 19) at 7 p.m. and will continue all through today (June 20) until 7 p.m.

These outrageous missions have become part of the O Music Awards. Last year, the Flaming Lips did their own version of this by setting the world record for most cities played  in 24 hours. They managed to perform eight shows across the Mississippi Delta which beat out Jay-Z’s former record (he did seven shows from Atlanta to Los Angeles in 2006) and finished with only 20 minutes left to spare.

Andrew W.K.’s drumming mission is currently being broadcast through the Oakley store in Time Square, but for those of us that can’t make it to Time Square, it can be streamed here.