Foo Fighters Tease Fans with Audio on Website

The Foo Fighters have been keeping fans on their toes since they launched a countdown clock on their website a few weeks back. As always, the speculations started to pour in about what exactly the countdown will lead to when it strikes zero. New music? New tour? Who knows, but the Foos themselves.

On Thursday (Nov. 19), the countdown clock began to do something different; it began to play some music. In addition to the audio, the website was also showing the words “Nothing’s Set in Stone” igniting the rumors of a new album. While the audio is just instruments, no lyrics, it could be a clue that there will be some new music on the other side of that countdown clock.

For now, check out a clip of the audio below and if by some chance it gets taken down, you ca always head on over to the Foo Fighters’ website and listen to it there.

The Foo Fighters have spent most of 2015 out on the road, touring in support of their recently released album, Sonic Highways. The band wrapped up the North American leg of their “Broken Leg Tour” (yes, a direct reference to Dave Grohl’s broken leg) back in October.