Simple Plan Get “Nostalgic” with New Song

Another day, another new song from Simple Plan. The band’s much-anticipated fifth studio album is set to be released this Friday (Feb. 19), but it appears that the group will be releasing all the new songs before its official release. On Tuesday (Feb. 16), the Canadian pop-punk band premiered another new song from Taking One for the Team. The five-piece partnered with RockSound to debut “Nostalgic.”

Like “Opinion Overload” and “Farewell,” it sounds like the group are actually going back to their pop-punk roots with this album. Hopefully, “I Don’t Wanna Be Sad” and “I Don’t Wanna Go to Bed” were just the weak songs on the impending record. Whatever is going on, maybe this new song’s title says it all; this is nostalgia for those of us that grew up on No Pads, No Helmets…Just Balls and Still Not Getting Any… Listen to “Nostalgic” below.

“Nostalgic” will join previously released tracks “BOOM!,” “I Don’t Wanna Go to Bed,” “I Don’t Wanna Be Sad,” “Opinion Overload,” and “Farewell.” Pre-orders for the new album are still ongoing and like they have announced with all the previous tracks, if you pre-order the album now, you will get an instant download of all the tracks that have been released.