5 Seconds of summer go for bonkers in ‘No Shame’ video

Massive tour? Check.

New album confirmation/release date? Check.

New single out for the world to hear? Check.

If you haven’t been able to keep a scorecard of all the things 5 Seconds of Summer have released in the past week, you are not alone. If we’re honest, we’re struggling a little too.

So leave it to the guys to give us one more thing to add to that ever-growing list.

On Friday (Feb. 7), the Australian band unleashed the bonkers music video for their latest single “No Shame.”

The clip begins with the guys playing the track in a cramped room covered in cheetah print (we mean the ENTIRE room). But that might be the only normal thing you’ll experience during the three-and-a-half-minute music video.

We see Calum living a supposed picture-perfect life with a large house, a nice car, a trophy wife, and two kids. Let’s say that those kids are definitely the things of nightmares.

Luke is dead, and a slew of people, including the band, show up to mourn at his funeral. But, surprise, the vocalist really isn’t dead. Whoops.

Michael is acting recklessly. Driving and crashing a sports car only to get out of the wreckage and begin to take pictures for social media. And yes, you do see him flossing.

And Ashton, well, we’re pretty sure that the drummer only shows up for two seconds dressed up as a plastic surgeon.

Honestly, we have no idea what’s going on. Comments from fans have pointed out that each of the characters the band members are playing represents the lyrics from the chorus, but it’s all so weird.

Like Soundgarden’s “Black Hole Sun” weird.

Check out the video for “No Shame” above.

“No Shame” is the third single off 5 Seconds of Summer’s upcoming fourth studio effort, C.A.L.M. Previously released singles “Easier” and “Teeth” are also featured on the forthcoming 12-track album.

C.A.L.M. is due out March 27. Pre-save and pre-order options are currently live on the band’s website.

In support of the much-anticipated release, the foursome will hit the North American touring circuit in the late summer. The “No Shame” tour will find the quartet performing at venues across the continent in August and September.

The tour begins on Aug. 12 at the Sports Palace in Mexico City and concludes on Sept. 26 at the Concord Pavilion in Concord, California.

The Band Camino will join 5 Seconds of Summer on the upcoming trek.

The full list of tour dates can be found here.

Tickets for the tour are now on sale.