New ‘Captain America’ Teaser Holds Spoiler?


It’s the question that has now been raised after the new teaser for the Captain America sequel, Captain America: Winter Soldier hit the internet.

The teaser, which is only 30 seconds long features Bucky Barnes or the Winter Soldier throwing a device at an SUV containing Nick Fury inside. The SUV proceeds to explode, taking out anyone that was in its path or inside of the metal cage. The line that started the speculation if the teaser did indeed house a spoiler for the film was a voiceover by Chris Evans’ hero; “Fury’s last words were not to trust anyone.”

Fury’s last words.

But while it’s just that, speculation that Fury met his demise in Winter Soldier’s attack, Fury himself Samuel L. Jackson has said that he was getting ready to be in Avengers: Age of UltronĀ and let’s not forget all the scenes that he’s in for the upcoming film.

See for yourself and come up with your own theory?

Captain America: Winter Soldier hits theater on April 4.