Fall Out Boy Stream Entire Album

Save Rock and Roll

Being the great boys that they are, Fall Out Boy have been releasing tracks from their upcoming album, Save Rock and Roll on almost a weekly basis, getting fans ready for their Save Rock and Roll tour.

First it was “My Songs Know What You Did in the Dark” back in early February, then it was “The Phoenix  just two weeks ago and “Young Volcano” made its debut on the internet this past Friday.

Now the band are streaming the album in its entirety, weeks ahead of its scheduled release day.They also released the following statement about the album:

“this album is one that is particularly close to us. we recorded it in secret from the music industry, critics, and even our fans. an artists first record sounds the way it does because it is often made without expectations. this is not our first record. but because of the way we went about making this one in the shadows it is with out a doubt the first record in a new chapter of fall out boy. we made this music for ourselves and no one else at the end of the day. this is meant be played loud, with the windows down on summer nights. four friends with our backs to each other fighting in the darkness against anything and everything that is out there. we bowed our heads, took a knee and plugged back in. from the first strings to the last shouts- this is us. these incantations are meant to conjure realness, to unlock whatever the rock and roll is inside each of you- in each of us. put on your headphones, turn it up- this is what we have spent the last year and a half making. most importantly, thank you for wishing or waiting- because with out you, the most important piece, this record would never have been made. so we figured you have waited long enough… with out further ado, please listen closely”

To listen to Save Rock and Roll completely, just click the play button below and have fun.


Side C of Paramore’s New Album


Another day, another set of new tracks from Paramore’s album to be heard. The new tracks are:

“Still Into You” (the band has hinted that this will be their next music video)


“interlude: Holiday”


“Hate To See Your Heart Break”

Don’t forget to tune in tomorrow, same place and same time, for the last tracks from the new album.

Side B of Paramore’s “4 Sides/4 Nights” Saga



And today we have four new tracks from Paramore’s upcoming self-tiled album. The tracks on Side B are the following:

“Interlude: Moving On”

“Ain’t It Fun”

“Part II”

“Last Hope”


Don’t forget to check in at the same time and same place for Side C of the Paramore “4 Sides/4 Nights” Saga.

Two New Ryan Adams Tracks Unveiled

Ryan Adams

Last week, Ryan Adams revealed two new songs at a concert in London and now, thanks to fans and all their technological equipment, fan-recorded audio from the actual performance has appeared at the Ryan Adams Archive. While the tracks don’t exactly have the best audio, fans can at least take pride in knowing that two new tracks are currently floating around.

The tracks are titled “This Is Where We Meet in My Mind,” which is more mellow and mournful while “In the Shadows,” is more bluesy. But don’t take anyone’s word on it, you can head on over to the Ryan Adams Archive and download both songs and give them a listen through.

While the songs have officially been released on the fans, there is no definite proof that either track will make it to the album that Adams supposedly has on the way.

Adams’ last album, Ashes  & Fire, was released back in 2011.