Angels and Airwaves Return with “Paralyzed”


After months of cryptic messages to fans and a website re-do, Angels and Airwaves are back.

Unlike what was previously reported and then debunked by AVA frontman, Tom DeLonge, the band’s new album will officially be titled The Dream Walker. The album will be released sometime in December, though originally it was rumored it would have a Halloween release date and up to a little while ago, we were under the same impression.

The first single off of the album, “Paralyzed” can be heard below and heads in a completely different direction than the previous AVA albums, though we are not complaining.

DeLonge credits Nine Inch Nails drummer Ilan Rubin with helping him take in the band in that different direction.

“I was able to come in with Ilan and say, ‘OK, how do we do something that is a left turn from what people know of Angels and Airwaves.”

We guess his goal was achieved because the song sounds a lot harder than other AVA tracks.

“I think we needed something that would turn heads and ignite a fan base of post-hardcore punk-rock kids that might still be lingering there from my early years” DeLonge said about the new album in an interview with Rolling Stone.

The Dream Walker is the band’s first new album since 2011’s LOVE II and don’t think that it all ends with a new record. According to DeLonge, other things will be coming from To The Stars including music videos, animations, comic books, a novel, a feature film, and a multimedia project name Poet Anderson: The Dream Walker.

Sadly, it appears as if DeLonge and Rubin are the only members in the band. According to an updated members list on their official Facebook page, DeLonge and Rubin’s names are the only ones there.

Chiodos Release Sixth Song From ‘Devil’


Chiodos made it known that they will be streaming all of the tracks on their new album for fans to hear before the release of it.

Today, the band premiered the sixth installment from that, a new track titled “Under Your Halo” which first appeared on USA Today’s website. At this point in time, the band have released almost half of the tracks on the album including “Ole Fishlips is Dead Now,” “3 AM,” Behvis Bullock,” “Duct Tape” and lead single, “Why the Munsters Matter.”

Listen to “Under Your Halo” now:

Their upcoming new album, Devil is set to be released on April 1st through their imprint at Razor & Tie. In support of Devil, they will be heading out on the Devil’s Dance tour with Emarosa, Hands Like Houses, Our Last Night and ’68 beginning in April.

Listen to Lea Michele’s Song About Cory Monteith


This July will mark a year since Cory Monteith passed away from his drug addiction and left his girlfriend Lea Michele heartbroken. Word had been that the Glee co-stars were about to get engaged before his untimely death even though they had been in different parts of the country at the time.

During the horrid ordeal, Michele had been in the studio working on er debut album and went on to record a song in honor of her late beau. Yesterday, the track which is titled, “If You Say So” had been released. The song was written seven days after Monteith’s passing.

Check out the song and maybe have a handkerchief handy since we all know the song was sad story behind it.

Coldplay Release New Song


Today might be Tuesday, just a regular day, but for the music world it has been a day of new music and some artists pulling a Beyoncé move. Kid Cudi was the first to do this by releasing his new album Satellite Flight without anyone’s knowledge.

And then Coldplay came along.

Coldplay revealed a brand new track earlier in the day; their first new track since “Atlas” from The Hunger Games: Catching Fire Soundtrack last Summer. The new track, which can be seen in its official music video below, is titled “Midnight” and has a little bit of a Bon Iver feel to it.

No other information has been given about the song or whether it will be featured on a new album for the band or a compilation or even a soundtrack like “Atlas” was. But fans of the British band can only hope that a new album is coming together in secret since their last album was 2011’s hit album, Mylo Xyloto.

Lily Allen Heads to South Africa, Space in Her “Air Balloon”


Last month, Lily Allen released another new track from her upcoming new album. The song is her synthy-pop laced song “Air Balloon” where she drops names of rock icons such as Kurt Cobain and Elvis Presley while ate the same time calling out her haters out there; you know the ones that accused her of being a racist because of the music video for “Hard Out Here”?

Unlike “Hard Out Here,” the video is more like a breath of fresh air with Allen beginning the video in South Africa frolicking with butterflies and a zebra and some random rednecks just hanging on a couch. Eventually we find her floating in outer space like Sandra Bullock in Gravity.

Hot Chelle Rae Premiere ‘Don’t Say Goodnight’


We haven’t heard much from Hot Chelle Rae since their bassist Ian Keaggy announced that he would be leaving the band because he thought it was the most appropriate time for him to do so.

After informing fans that they were in the midst of working on new music, the band are back and giving them their first new track in four months, “Don’t Say Goodnight.” The song originally premiered early this morning exclusively on SiriusXM, but now it’s available online for everyone to hear.

As of last year, the band said that they were working on their third album, the follow-up to 2011’s Whatever and on the same day that Keaggy announced he had left the band, the remaining members released a song titled, “Recklessly” which is believed to be from their third album.

It is rumored the third album will be titled Three, but no official word has been given if it’s true and when it is scheduled to be released.

Shakira/Rihanna Collab Video Premieres


Shakira has done some duets in the past that are pretty good, but for some reason the one with Rihanna is a little better than the rest. Don’t ask, we’re not sure why we like the catchy song with the weird title so much.

Check the video which features Shakira and Rihanna doing what they do best; singing, dancing, prancing around half-naked while gyrating on a wall.

“Can’t Remember to Forget” will be featured on Shakira’s upcoming tenth album and has already made its way to Number 28 on Billboard’s Hot 100. The song reached the Number One spot on Billboard Social 50 which ranks the most popular artist on social media platforms like YouTube, Vevo, Facebook, Twitter, SoundCloud, Wikipedia, Myspace and Instagram.

The Used Premiere New Song


When The Used revealed that they would be releasing a new album this year, it was just the confirmation that their fans needed after Amazon had posted the release date and album name the week before.

After the confirmation, the Utah-based band released a snippet of the lead single from the album, “Cry,” on their Instagram page. Today, the full song was released and can be heard here.

Imaginary Enemy is the follow-up to last year’s EP, The Ocean of the Sky and is scheduled to be released on April 1st; not, it’s no April Fools joke.

Aside from the new album, the band announced through Facebook that they will be heading back to the United Kingdom in the Summer to perform at this tear’s Download Festival which is set to take place from June 13-15 at Donington Park.

Looks like 2014 is going to be good to The Used (and their fans).

Taking Back Sunday Reveal New Album Info


Fans of Taking Back Sunday can now rejoice because the band have confirmed that their new album will be coming out sooner than later.

Last year, the band has posted pictures on Instagram from inside the studio beginning the talks that a new band would be in the hands of fans by the end of the year. That did not exactly happen, but the band had announced that new songs were on their way eventually giving to us the lead single from the album, “Flicker, Fade.”

Yesterday afternoon, the band once again took to their Instagram page an uploaded a picture of what looked like a paw of a creature and eventually wrote on Facebook that “some good and bad guessing going on right now” about it. Turns out, the paw was the paw of a panther which is the cover art for their upcoming new album, Happiness Is…

Alongside the cover art for the album the band also revealed that it will be released on March 18th through Hopeless Records. The studio version of “Flicker, Fade” is now available through iTunes as well as the pre-order for it. The full tracklist and cover art for the upcoming album can be seen below right after the stream of “Flicker, Fade”



1) Preface
2) Flicker, Fade
3) Stood a Chance
4) All the Way
5) Beat Up Car
6) It Takes More
7) They Don’t Have Any Friends
8) Better Homes and Gardens
9) Like You Do
10) We Were Younger Then
11) Nothing At All

Join Lily Allen in Her ‘Air Balloon’


Lily Allen is back with a brand new video for another new song of hers, “Air Balloon.”

Unlike her previously released song, “Hard out Here” which resulted people up in arms accusing the spitfire of being racist, this new song takes more of a chirpy route. With its synth-pop laced rhythm and the name dropping of classic rock stars like Kurt Cobain and Elvis Presley, it’s still doesn’t meant hat she’s not calling out anyone. In this song, she addresses the haters with “and we can’t hear what they say/ Up in my air balloon.”

Check out the audio for the new song here.

“Air Balloon” along with “Hard Out Here” will be featured on Allen’s upcoming new album which has yet to be given an official titled or a release date, but the year is young.