Snippet of Kanye West’s New song Hit the Web


Kanye West has definitely been making news as of lately, you know with that super secret album that is supposed to be released sometime within the month.

Last week, his baby mama dropped the ball when she released the official cover art for the new album, Yeezus on her Instagram account. Of course, many people were wonder if it was just a ruse/publicity stunt for the couple, but lo-and-behold, the art that was revealed was indeed the real deal at least according to West’s record label.

Today, a snippet of his new song, “New Slaves,” has hit the web which is funny considering just a few days back, we were wonder when he might drop a single.

The new album which is rumored to be released on June 18th, has had no publicity or promotional tour which is funny considering who we are talking about.

Anyways, here’s the snippet of the song.