‘That’s the Spirit,’ Bring Me the Horizon

A couple of weeks after unveiling their first new song in almost a year, Bring Me the Horizon have now revealed to fans the name of their upcoming new album. As it turns out, all those tweets from band members reading “That’s the Spirit” was not just a reference to their lead single “Happy,” rather it was them informing fans that That’s the Spirit is the name of their fifth studio album.

In addition to the album title, the band have also revealed that the new record will be released on Sept. 11 through Columbia Records. Last week, the band made headlines once again when it was revealed they had left their former record label (for US releases, at least), Epitaph Records, for major label, Columbia.

While the album title and release date are a good start, the band finished giving their fan base a heart attack when they revealed that the second single from the record, “Throne” will make its debut on Thursday, July 23, at 7:20 p.m. on BBC Radio 1. The album art for “Throne” can be seen below.


In a recent interview with NME, frontman Oli Sykes and newcomer Jordan Fish talked about the new record and how it was heavily influenced by where they recorded the new 12-track record; the Greek island of Santorini (the location where Mamma Mia! takes place).

Sykes also explained to the publication how the album is loosely a concept album revolving around the darker side of life.

“It’s a celebration of depression,” explained Sykes.

“A way of making light of it. ‘That’s The Spirit’ – it’s quite a depressing phrase when you think about it – the sort of thing you only ever use when you know there’s no positive answer to the situation.”

To read the full interview, click here.

That’s the Spirit is the follow-up to 2013’s Sempiternal.

Simple Plan to Release New Song Next Week

That new Simple Plan album the band have been teasing about for what feels like a years might be coming our way sooner than we thought.

Last night, Simple Plan guitarist Sébastien Lefebvre revealed that the lead single from the band’s fifth studio album would be making its debut next week on his show on Idobi Radio. The episode that will feature the brand new track will air next Wednesday, June 24, at 8 p.m. EST.

Back in April, drummer Chuck Comeau had hinted during an interview with Tribute Magazine that the band’s new record had a projected release time frame of “late Summer/early Fall.

“As far as the actual record release, we don’t have an official date yet, but I’m thinking end of Summer, early Fall is our target, so we are working every day making sure we can meet that deadline,” said Comeau.

For fans of the band who happen to follow them on their social media accounts, it should not come as a surprise that the album will be heading our way soon. The band have not been shy about posting about the soon-to-be released album that does not have an official name yet; it’s been referred to as “SPAlbum5.”

This marks the band’s new album since 2013’s Get Your Heart On-The Second Coming! EP, the continuation to 2011’s Get Your Heart On.

The Story So Far Release New Single, New Album Info


The Story So Far’s new album will be heading our way a lot sooner than we anticipated.

Over the weekend, the California-based band “leaked” the first single off of their upcoming third album; a track titled “Nerve.”

Stream the song below.

Fans were a little skeptical when the song was mysteriously posted online and began to wonder about the validity of the song. Shortly after, it was confirmed by the band themselves that it was legitimately their new single from their self-titled album.

Reportedly, the band decided leak their own song in a cool, old-school way; by CD. According to DIY Mag, the band actually handed out burned CDs that had the track on it at a Title Fight show in San Francisco. Instead of letting those know that it was their new song, the band just claimed it was from a new act named The Skateboarders.

The new album announcement should not come as that much of a surprise to fans of the band. Late last year, the band’s record label, Pure Noise Records, announced a big chunk of their artists roster would be releasing new music in the new year. The Story So Far was on the list alongside fellow label mates Senses Fail, Hit the Lights, State Champs, and Four Year Strong.

The Story So Far will be released on May 19.

Carly Rae Jepsen “Really Likes You” in New Song

Usually when you have one ultra-successful song under your belt, it’s really hard to follow that up which is why the term “one hit wonder” was created (sorry, guys).

But, years after all the lip syncing videos, countless covers, and who know how many different performances of “Call Me Maybe,” Carly Rae Jepsen is back with another catchy song to add to her collection.

Her new song is titled “I Really Like You,” and even though it’s not as “let’s get up and dance and sing along until we can’t anymore” as “Call Me Maybe,” the song is simple and catchy and brings up images of pop songs from the 80s.

Don’t believe us, check out the song below.

As of now, there has been no word on whether Jepsen has a new album coming out anytime soon, but we’re pretty sure if she does, we’ll be hearing about it.

Also, it might be a good idea to keep an eye out for the official music video for the song which will feature a dancing Tom Hanks and that annoying dude that helped discover her, at least according to Instagram.

Passion Pit Unveil New Single, Album Release Date

After weeks of teasing fans with cryptic posts on social media and short, non-informative videos, Passion Pit have finally felt some pity for their followers and decided to release the first full track off of the upcoming new record, Kindred.

The new song is titled “Lifted Up (1985)” and can be streamed below in the video which features the cover art for Kindred in motion.

If the new video wasn’t enough of a gift, the band have also released the full track listing for the record as well as the release date. Kindred will be released on April 17 through Columbia Records.

Pre-orders for the record will begin tomorrow, Feb. 17. Those who pre-order the record early, will receive “Lifted Up” and “Where the Sky Hangs” as instant downloads.

Not too shabby for Monday.


01. “Lifted Up (1985)”

02. “Whole Life Story”

03. “Where the Sky Hangs”

04. “All I Want”

05. “Five Foot Ten (I)”

06. “Dancing on the Grave”

07. “Until We Can’t (Let’s Go)”

08. “Looks Like Rain”

09. “My Brother Taught Me How to Swim”

10. “Ten Feet Tall (II)”

Modest Mouse Reschedule Album Release Date, Drop New Song


Modest Mouse fans, rejoice!

The band have released another new song from their highly anticipated new album, Strangers to Ourselves.

But with the good news, the band sadly had to reveal some bad news about the album. Instead of being released in early March, like they had previously announced, the new album’s released date has now been pushed back two weeks.

Instead of being released on March 3, Strangers to Ourselves will now be released on March 17 through epic records. Considering some fans have been waiting eight years for a new album, what’s another two weeks, right? Plus, that will also be the day they are scheduled to perform on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon.

To soften the blow of the news, the indie band have released their third single from the upcoming new record, a song titled “The Best Song” which can be heard below. Previously, they debuted lead single “Lampshade on Fire” on the radio and released their second single, “Coyotes” with a cute video of a coyote riding a train.


1. “Strangers to Ourselves”
2. “Lampshades on Fire”
3. “Shit in Your Cut”
4. “Pistol (A. Cunanan, Miami, FL. 1996)”
5. “Ansel”
6. “The Ground Walks, with Time in a Box”
7. “Coyotes”
8. “Pups to Dust”
9. “Sugar Boats”
10. “Wicked Campaign”
11. “Be Brave”
12. “God is an Indian and You’re an Asshole”
13. “The Tortoise and the Tourist”
14. “The Best Room”
15. “Of Course We Know”

Fall Out Boy Dance Like “Uma Thurman” with New Song

After revealing that two singles would be released in January (the first of two was last week’s “Irresistible”) in support of their upcoming new album, Fall Out Boy have dropped their second new single of 2015.

The new song is titled “Uma Thurman” and plays a weird tribute to the actress including a line which seems to be a direct reference to her iconic Pulp Fiction character, Mia Wallace (“she wants to dance like Uma Thurman”).

There’s also that sampling of The Munsters‘ theme song which the guys pretty much prepared fans for last week after they posted about it online.

Hey, whatever floats their boat at this point, right?

“Uma Thurman” joins “Centuries,” “American Beauty/American Psycho,” “The Kids Aren’t Alright,” and “Irresistible” on the tracklist for American Beauty/American Psycho due out next Tuesday, Jan. 20 through Isalnd/ DCD2 Records.

Pre-orders for the album are still ongoing and comes with instant downloads of all the five of the singles.

Fall Out Boy Prove They’re “Irresistible” on New Single


It’s as if Fall Out Boy have decided that Mondays would be the best time to release new music or give us some sort of announcement and we can understand because Mondays are the most dreaded day of the week so why not give fans a little bit of goodness.

Today, the band released a new single titled “Irresistible.” Now for those who don’t remember, the Chicago-based band revealed on Twitter over the holidays that two new singles would be streamed before their new album, American Beauty/ American Psycho drops.

Listen to the first of two tracks below.

“Irresistible” joins previously released singles “Centuries,” “American Beauty/ American Psycho,” and “The Kids Aren’t Alright.”

Pre-orders bundles for American Beauty/ American Psycho are currently available online, but if you’d rather have a digital version of the record, pre-orders for that version can be purchased over at iTunes. The album will official hit shelves on Jan. 20 through Island Records.

New Ed Sheeran Track Released

Ed Sheeran

Over the weekend, we were given the good news that Ed Sheeran would be releasing his sophomore album sometime with in the upcoming months.

Sheeran, had revealed that several places such as the U.K., Ireland, Germany and Australia have to wait a little longer than the rest of the world for the new album which has been titled X. Every other place aside from those territories will reportedly get the complete new record beginning tonight.

At least one good thing is coming from the waiting, the lead single from the album,the Pharrell produced “SING” made its debut and hopefully can tide some of those Sheerios over until the record hits locals store. But let’s be honest, with the way the internet works and how relentless those fans are, the album has probably already been leaked on one of those sites.

Sheeran also has reminded fans, “once the first play has happened, please badger your local radio station to play the song as much as possible, wherever you are in the world.”

You heard your leader, Sheerios, get to work.

Introducing Taylor Hawkins’ The Birds of Satan


Just when you thought the guys from the Foo Fighters never slept, drummer Taylor Hawkins went on to reveal that he has another new project called The Birds of Satan. The band which also includes Wiley Hodgen and Mick Murphy who are Hawkins’ band mates from his other group, Chevy Metal, will officially release their self-titled, debut album on April 15.

In honor of the new album, they released a trailer for the album which also happens to feature their first single from the upcoming record titled, “Thanks for the Line.” For those feeling the new group, The Birds of Satan can be pre-ordered on iTunes and will also include and immediate download of the song which can be heard below in the trailer for the album.

Also making an appearance on the record will be Hawkins’ Foo Fighters band mates, Dave Grohl and Pat Smear, but on what tracks, that remains to be seen.

As for the Foo Fighters, we’re still waiting for that new album that they said was almost done and ready to be released last we checked.