Foo Fighters Shut Down New Orleans Block

How does one shut down an entire block with music? Simple, ask The Foo Fighters because the iconic rock band managed to do just that over the weekend in New Orleans.

Ever since announcing that a new LP was on the horizon for the band, they have revealed it would be different with them recording at studios all over the country instead of sticking to just one.

During the weekend, they made their stop in New Orleans, setting up shop at Preservation Hall for a few days with Butch Vig. Then on Saturday, they decided to treat the people with an impromptu show which lasted 90 minutes in Preservation Hall’s courtyard which lead to an entire block being shut down.

According to The Times-Picayune, the show began just after 9:00 p.m. with the Preservation Hall Jazz Band performing a set. The Foo Fighters then took the stage for their set including some of their hits like “Times Like These,” “My Hero” and “Learn to Fly” on the list.

During the set frontman Dave Grohl discussed the album’s recording process as well as his experience while being in New Orleans. He also talked about how he wrote lyrics to new songs after immersing himself into the city and the musicians that call New Orleans home after interviewing them for his HBO series.

There is so far no word on what the name of the new studio album will be or when it is scheduled to be released, but on thing that is for sure is that it is happening.

Watch the one of the videos from New Orleans below.