Avenged Sevenfold Enlist Former Bad Religion Drummer

Avenged Sevenfold has confirmed the identity of their brand new drummer. Weeks after announcing that another drummer had left the band, the California group has unveiled who their new drummer is. During an appearance on Chris Jericho’s “Talk Is Jericho” podcast, frontman M. Shadows confirmed that former Bad Religion drummer, Brooks Wackerman, will in fact be A7X’s new drummer.

In a twist, Wackerman had announced his own departure from Bad Religion, a group he had been with for over a decade, about a week ago. In the interview, Shadows reveals that Wackerman’s name had been tossed around several times since the death of Jimmy “The Rev” Sullivan back in 2009. While Wackerman’s name had been suggested during several instances, it didn’t mean that they thought less of the former drummers they had; Mike Portnoy and Arin Ilejay.

“To be honest, Brooks’ name has always been in the mix. It was one of the names we were throwing around when Jimmy passed away in terms of who was going to step up for [2010’s] Nightmare,” said Shadows.

“We felt Mike [Portnoy] was the right choice and we still feel that way. Mike just destroyed on the record. He was perfect. But at the time, our tour manager brought up Brooks’ name as well. But at the time he was also busy with Bad Religion and it was also … people were going to look at it differently because he was a punk drummer at this point.”

But for those Bad Religion fans who may think that A7X “stole” Wackerman from the group, Shadows admits that he started things slowly, not to completely “poach” him from the punk band.

“What we did was we just wanted to make sure we didn’t jump into anything too fast, so for us it was, ‘Can we play the old songs? Let’s go have some rehearsals. Can we write together? Let’s write together. Let’s throw some riffs at him and see what would you play on this and can you give us 10 different drum beats around this riff?’ And it just instantly clicked and everyone was so excited.”

As for Wackerman, he said that he broke the news of his desire to leave Bad Religion to each of the member, individually, right before the last show of their tour.

“I spoke with every band member individually on a day off on tour right before our last show. There’s just a lot of history there, but they understood. They get it. I mean the band has been around for 35 years so they’ve gone through this before.”

As for Avenged Sevenfold and new music, it sounds like there might be something coming our way soon. During the interview, Shadows teased about the direction the new album will be heading.

“The idea of the last record was a very stripped down sound and the idea of the next is a not very stripped down sound.”

To listen to the complete interview with Shadows and Wackerman on “Talk Is Jericho,” head on over here.

Avenged Sevenfold’s last studio album was 2013’s Hail to the King.