AFI Members Officially Unveil New Project


In March, AFI bassist Jade Puget revealed that he and frontman Davey Havok would be embarking on a new project named XTRMST, their second joint side project.

A confirmation and an audio track release later, there has been no more mention of the “straightedge” act the duo were working on. Chances are XTRMST was put on the backburner, temporarily, because of AFI’s role as supporting act for 30 Seconds to Mars and Linkin Park’s Carnivores Tour.

Today, Havok and Puget have officially released a statement about the act including the inspiration behind the formation of the group (“straightedge philosophy is something that we gravitated toward at a young age”).

The statement also unveils the other members of the group which are not the remaining members of AFI as well as the release date for their debut record which is set to be released on Nov. 18.

The lead single from the album, “Conformist” will officially be released next Tuesday, Oct. 7.

Read the full statement below.


“The straightedge philosophy is something that we gravitated toward at a young age, drawn by concepts and ideals that seem almost foreign in modern society. Like much of the other subcultures we were a part of growing up, it put us at odds with 99% of the people around us, which was something we embraced. It seemed natural that this crucial ideology would find a musical expression.

For the release of XTRMST, we are extremely excited to be partnering with Dim Mak and Steve. This record is one of the most important we’ve made. The songs are of purity, passion and truth. May they speak to you.” – XTRMST

Album pre-order + first single “Conformist” available October 7. Digital + vinyl LP in stores November 18.

Former Lostprophets Members Speak About Tarnished Band Name


Last week, we uncovered that the remaining members of Lostprophets had joined Thursday’s Geoff Rickly to create a new band named No Devotion.

In the wake of the Ian Watkins chronicles where he plead guilty to 13 charges including attempted rape and sexual assault of a child under the age of 13, the four remaining members of the Welsh band were left with a tarnished band name.

In turn, they announced back in October that the band were splitting up in the midst of Watkins’ trial.

In an interview with The Guardian, it was revealed how much Watkins’ 29 year sentencing affected the band. It was so bad that guitarist Lee Gaze revealed he can’t listen to anything the band had put out.

“I can’t [listen]. It’s tainted, because he was the voice of the band, and it was his lyrics.”

The band’s former bassist, Stuart Richardson was so affected by the turn of events that he smashed a platinum disc that was given to each member in celebration of 2006’s Liberation Transmission platinum status.

“I don’t know how his badness can’t cancel out our music,” Richardson began. “We had platinum records in our houses, awards…I smashed Liberation Transmission the other day. The rest are in the garage and they’ll probably never come out again.”

But not all things are bad. In order to distance themselves from the damaged Lostprophets name, No Devotion which not only features Gaze and Richardson, but also Jamie Oliver, Luke Johnson and Mike Lewis, is set to release their debut album, Stay later this month. The newly formed band had released their first single last week, the same day they revealed the creation of the group.

As I Lay Dying Members Form New Band


The remaining members of As I Lay Dying, Jordan Mancino, Nick Hipa, Phil Sgrosso and Josh Gilbert, had revealed last week, that the post that had been released on their official website was not them letting fans know what was to come of the band in the future following frontman Tim Lambesis’ legal issues. 

Before the lengthy message had been posted on the site, the band had released several snippets of music on each of their Instagram page which left fans baffled as to what it meant. Today, it was confirmed that the remaining members would be moving forward to form a new band named, Wovenwar. 

Former lead guitar and singer of Oh, Sleeper Shane Blay has also been confirmed to be part of the band, but in a twist that some might not have seen, Wovenwar have already completed their debut full-length album. The record, which will be their self-titled, will be released through Metal Blade Records sometime during the late Summer. 

The lead single from the album has been revealed to be a track titled “All Rise” and will make its own debut next Monday, April 21. 

VERSA Finally Debut New Song


After many months and much speculation that a break up was in the cards for VersaEmerge now going by VERSA, the duo have finally debuted their first official song since they changed the band’s name.

If you don’t remember, it was a few months ago that the band made the big decision to go ahead and put VersaEmerge to sleep and come out with a new band, of course partially sticking to a name that fans are already familiar with. Instead of re-doing all their social media accounts to reflect the name change, the duo decided it was in their best interest to just start from scratch.

Today, after a year of ups and down, they have released their first song under the moniker of VERSA, their first new song since those tracks that would have been featured on their second album, Another Atmosphere, if it had made it to the shelves.

The song titled “Neon” has some major industrial, electronic influences and will appear on their EP, Neon, due out on January 14. The song can be heard here and if you like it, you can actually head on over to the band’s BandCamp and download the track.