AFI Members Officially Unveil New Project


In March, AFI bassist Jade Puget revealed that he and frontman Davey Havok would be embarking on a new project named XTRMST, their second joint side project.

A confirmation and an audio track release later, there has been no more mention of the “straightedge” act the duo were working on. Chances are XTRMST was put on the backburner, temporarily, because of AFI’s role as supporting act for 30 Seconds to Mars and Linkin Park’s Carnivores Tour.

Today, Havok and Puget have officially released a statement about the act including the inspiration behind the formation of the group (“straightedge philosophy is something that we gravitated toward at a young age”).

The statement also unveils the other members of the group which are not the remaining members of AFI as well as the release date for their debut record which is set to be released on Nov. 18.

The lead single from the album, “Conformist” will officially be released next Tuesday, Oct. 7.

Read the full statement below.


“The straightedge philosophy is something that we gravitated toward at a young age, drawn by concepts and ideals that seem almost foreign in modern society. Like much of the other subcultures we were a part of growing up, it put us at odds with 99% of the people around us, which was something we embraced. It seemed natural that this crucial ideology would find a musical expression.

For the release of XTRMST, we are extremely excited to be partnering with Dim Mak and Steve. This record is one of the most important we’ve made. The songs are of purity, passion and truth. May they speak to you.” – XTRMST

Album pre-order + first single “Conformist” available October 7. Digital + vinyl LP in stores November 18.