Sony Introduces Newest Addition to the Walkman Family


Do you ever wish we could go back to a time when the coolest electronic you needed was a Walkman?

Well, during yesterday’s Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, Sony announced they would be releasing a new Walkman, but don’t expect it to be anything like the one from your youth.

Though Sony discontinued the classic Walkman several years back, the company have been releasing new versions of the music player including the recently introduced ZX2.

Sony has dubbed this new creation as “the fruit of continuous refinement in high audio quality technologies.”
In other words, if you’re one of those people who is all about getting a high-end audio experience from your music, then this might be directed towards you.

The gadget will support audio formats such as FLAC, WAV, DSD, AIFF, and many others while giving the listener the best possible hearing quality for the tracks on it. But like all things that promise such an experience, it’s going to cost you.

The Walkman will reportedly cost over $1,120 though some are reporting it’s currently listed at $1,200.

For that price, the customer will get: 128GB of storage space, a microSD slot for more storage (up to 256GB), the classic gold headphone jack, a touchscreen, side-mounted playback controls, Bluetooth and Google Cast capabilities, and Android OS.

Don’t get too excited thinking that the OS will be Lollipop or whatever dessert-named system Android has this week; it’s will be 4.2 Jellybean which was released back in 2012. This will allow the consumers to play games, watch videos, and connect to the internet.

Check out The Verge’s short video of them playing with the new device.

R.I.P. iPod Classic


It’s the end of an era. The iPod Classic will now join the Walkman, Cassette players, CD players, and all others in electronic heaven.

As Apple unveiled the newest additions to their expanding family, the mega-company have put the iPod Classic to rest just shy of its 13th anniversary.

Instead of revealing the news to those Apple aficionados, the company just pulled the iconic music player off of their website, most likely to make room for their newly revealed gadgets.

According to The Verve, if you ever have plans on getting a new one to replace the one you used to hold dear back in high school, you might be out of luck because this isn’t a temporary thing; the collection has been discontinued entirely.

But like it was pointed out on another website, 9to5Mac, it only makes sense that the company does so. The last big update for the music player was back in 2008; that’s six years. The 6th Gen iPod Classic also prided itself on having a 160GB memory and being able to hold to 40,000 song. During today’s event, it was announced that the iPhone 6 will have a memory of 128GB, competing with the iPod’s accomplishment of 160GB.

There’s also that slight plan that the company had to discontinue the iPod Classic which began back in 2010. The company then decided against it, but it looks like the time has come to say good-bye.

Guess it’s true, it’s the end of an era. Now, we know how our parents felt with A-Tracks, cassettes, and Walkmen went away, though we know for a fact that we have our iPod Classic sitting in the glove compartment of our car.