GWAR to Build Monument in Honor of Fallen Frontman


GWAR have revealed that they have plans to erect a monument in honor of their late frontman, Dave Brockie aka Oderus Urungus. Brockie sadly passed away last month, though at the time there was no confirmed cause of death.

In honor of him, the remaining members of GWAR have launched the Dave Brockie Foundation in order to help raise funds for the monument as well as to help promote music and performance in the arts. 

In a video statement which can be seen below, the band reveal their plan for the monument and the new foundation they have founded. There is also a very touching part in which they reveal what Brockie would have thought of this. “Just face it – Oderus would order you to be present and pay tribute to Dave Murray Brockie, his own personal slave! Oderus did always consider you his children, but I know for a fact that Dave thought of our fans as his family.”

The current plan is to build the monument in Richmond, VA where Brockie lived and sadly passed away. Fans of the band who feel generous and would like to donate to the monument found, you can head on over to the official page for that on GWAR’s website.

As recent as January, Brockie was on Twitter telling fans to keep their eye open because there was a lot of good news coming their way, more specifically a tour in celebration of the band’s 30th anniversary and their yearly GWAR-B-Q which was slated to take place in August.