The Smashing Pumpkins Are Just “Being Beige”

Months after releasing their new album, The Smashing Pumpkins have released the music video for their “first” single off of the record, “Being Beige.

The video begins with images of what looks like the Moon with craters and all when all of a sudden close-ups of frontman, Billy Corgan, begin to be splice i between the random shots featured in the video.

In between shots of Corgan and his band members, we see more shots of the Moon, some twins who are set on fire, and other things. Honestly, we’re not sure what’s going on, but maybe this is what it looks like to be inside of Corgan’s head.

Check out the music video below.

“Being Beige” was featured on Moments to an Elegy, the second installation of their Teargarden by Kaleidyscope trilogy which began with 2012’s Oceania.

In a recent interview, Corgan revealed that the last installation of the Teargarden by Kaleidyscope album, Day for Night might be their last record as a band.

He also said that the sound for  Day for Night might be heading in a more rock sound; no more arty rock. He said that while listening to demos for the final record, he realized that he wanted to make an album that his teenage self would like.

Now that’s something we could get behind (and understand).

Smashing Pumpkins Frontman Hints Next Album Might Be the Last


Between bad-mouthing former members of the band as well as fellow contemporaries and posing with cats and creating shows based on wrestling, it’s almost shocking that Billy Corgan has had the time to record a new album.

Just yesterday, the Smashing Pumpkins released their new album Moments to an Elegy which features all four recently released singles, “Drum + Fife,” “Being Beige,” “One and All,” and “Tiberius.”

During an interview with the Wall Street Journal, Corgan hinted that the band’s next album, 2015’s Day for Night, might just be their last one.

“The next album is like the end, end, end” he admitted when he was asked about the pre-planning that went into making the ongoing trilogy a reality.

Moments to an Elegy marks the second installment of their Teargarden by Kaleidyscope trilogy which began with 2012’s Oceania.

But with Corgan, you can never be too sure about what he means by “the end”; is it the end for the band or the end of the trilogy.

“Honestly, I think the fanbase is gone,” said Corgan to the reporter.

“I would define a fan as someone who explores the depths of the artist’s work and allows the artist to show you something. It’s not up to the artist to walk you by the hand. I don’t think there are many of those people who exist. I’d say they’re in the low thousands.”

Sorry Billy, we’re pretty sure the people who went out to buy the new album as well as its predecessors would beg to differ with your opinion.

As usual, we’ll take Corgan’s hint of the end with a grain of salt until it’s actually confirmed by everyone in the band.

The Smashing Pumpkins Release “Drum and Fife”


Fans of the Smashing Pumpkins have gotten yet another early Thanksgiving gift from the band; a brand new song.

Today, Billy Corgan and company debuted a new track titled “Drum + Fife.” The new song will be featured on the band’s upcoming new album, Moments to an Elegy due out next month.

You can check out the YouTube audio video for the song which features a chubby-checked Corgan as a toddler (according to Wiki, the singer was 13 months old at the time the picture was taken) with a drum.

Guess his future as a musician was guaranteed back then, huh?

“Drum + Fife” joins previously released tracks, “Being Beige,” “One and All,” and “Tiberius” which was released earlier this week,on Moments of an Elegy. The new record, the first of two new albums, will be released on Dec. 9.