Fall Out Boy Conclude ‘The Youngblood Chronicles’


After a year and a half of music videos being released in what has become the Youngblood Chronicles, Fall Out Boy have finally released the final videos missing to conclude the story including what was in the god-forsaken briefcase that has puzzled us all.

This past Wednesday, the band premiered the full Youngblood Chronicles via Palladia which turned all the short music videos into one cinematic film. The missing videos at that point were the tenth music video”Miss Missing You” and the concluding video, “Save Rock and Roll” which featured a small cameo from Sir Elton John, because, you know he does sing on the song.

According to the band, a DVD of the “film” is currently in the works which would be really cool to add to you Fall Out Boy collection, you know if your inner teenaged self still does that.

Anyway, check out the remaining videos here and if you still haven’t caught up, don’t fret, we’ve got you covered.

Conclusion: “Save Rock and Roll”

Part 10: “Miss Missing You”

Part 8: “Rat-a-Tat”

Part 8: “Death Valley”

Part 7: “Where Did the Party Go?”

Part 6: “Just One More Yesterday”

Part 5: “The Might Fall”

Part 4: “Alone Together”

Part 3: “Young Volcanoes”

Part 2: “The Phoenix”

Part 1: “My Songs Know What You Did in the Dark (Light ‘Em Up)”