Watch Gerard Way’s 80s Inspired Video for “Millions”


Former My Chemical Romance frontman Gerard Way has been making his rounds in support of his new solo venture with special appearances, mini tours, and all that good stuff.

Two weeks ago, the singer gave fans the chance to listen to his debut solo album, Hesitant Alien, a week ahead of time which was met with rather good first impressions.

In an interview before the album title had even been revealed, Way had said that the album would be focused on the “least radio friendly instrument” and would have some influences from music genres like shoegaze.

The full album has now been out for officially a week, and today the music video fro the track “Millions” has been released on The Guardian, but you really don’t have to head over there to see the music video.

Check out the video which sends some of us back to the days when music videos were just starting out with its crappy quality, frames freezing, and some serious case of the glitches. We’re going to assume that is exactly what Way wanted from the music video.