Brand New Premiere New Song, “Mene”


After Amazon ruined the surprise of a new song from Brand New (the mega media market place posted the name of the track and a 30-second clip of it), the band have now formally announced their official first new song in six years, “Mene.”

Last week, live footage of the Long Island band performing a new track titled “Don’t Feel Anything” during a show in Denver had hardcore fans assuming that the song would be the first of many new tracks heading our way, and apparently they were on to something.

As of now, the new track is being streamed over at Brand New’s newly redesigned website. The homepage of the site features a retrospective music video for the new song as well as the news that the track is currently available as a free download. For those interested, hurry. According to the band, it will only be available for a limited time.

All you need to do is join their mailing list and the track is all yours.

For those who miss the free download period, the track will be available for purchase beginning this Wednesday (April 15).

All the new stuff coming from Brand New is all the evidence need that they have something big up their sleeve. With all the tour dates and cryptic hints, it’s hard to not think that a new album might be coming our way really soon.