Robert Smith teases new music from The Cure

Should fans of the Cure expect new music from the band to coincide with their 40th anniversary as a group? If fans are to believe a recent interview with frontman Robert Smith, then the answer to that question is maybe. On Tuesday (April 10), Smith appeared on BBC Radio 6 Music to talk about his role as curator for the 25th anniversary of London’s Meltdown Festival.

During the chat, Smith revealed that helping curate the upcoming event may have reignited his passion for writing music.

“I’ve suddenly fallen in love with the idea of writing songs,” Smith told DJ Shaun Keaveny.

“Funnily enough, doing this Meltdown thing has actually galvanized me and I’ve booked studio time for the band.”

As the interview continued, Keaveny asked Smith if Meltdown attendees should expect the Cure to hit the stage. Smith revealed that usually the final night of the show is reserved for that year’s curator and explained how the group has thrown out ideas on how they should celebrate their major anniversary which will actually take place on July 9.

“What shall we do? Go back to Crawley, where it all started? Play in the pub where we did our first show as the Cure? Or should we go mega, play a show in every capital city in the world?”

Currently, the Cure only have two shows lined up for 2018; Meltdown and a one-off gig at London’s Hyde Park in July. If the band does go into the studio to record new music, then maybe, just maybe that will mean they will hit the road to promote the new tunes and celebrate the milestone.

The Cure’s last official studio recording was their contribution to a Paul McCartney tribute album in 2014. The group covered the Beatles’ “Hello Goodbye” for that record. Their last studio album was 2008’s 4:13 Dream.