Set Your Goals Frontman Participates in Tell-All Interview


It’s been about two months since Set Your Goals frontman Matt Wilson released a statement to fans about the current state of the band and what each member was up to, but something Wilson posted on Twitter earlier this month has gotten the attention of fans and some media outlets.

On Feb. 4, Wilson had taken to Twitter to reveal that the band had not seen a dime from the sale of their debut record, Mutiny! as well as merchandise and other things from their former record label, Eulogy Recordings.

Music site, requested an interview with Wilson which ended up revealing a lot of information about what happened behind closed doors during the last decade that not even hardcore fans were aware of.

On major standout from the interview, was the revelation that Pete Wentz was thinking about signing them to his record label, Decaydance. Sadly, it did not happen.

“[During their set that night] Jordan stage dove and knocked a monitor off the stage, which ended up being billed to Fall Out Boy. Their tour manager cornered Jordan backstage demanding payment, but we were all total broke asses at the time and Jordan couldn’t afford to pay him. I think the monitor was $400.”

Instead, Decaydance went ahead and signed Four Year Strong.

That only began the drama behind the scenes after they went ahead and signed with Eulogy. The label, according to Wilson, would use different tactics to scam their own bands.

“One of the many tricks he [John Wylie] used, I think he stole from Victory, where he takes out a full-page ad in a magazine and splits it into four quarter-page ads (one for each band), then charges each band for a full-page ad, therefore requiring four times the cost of what he actually paid in order to ‘recoup.’

We were young and naïve at the time, and didn’t realize that hiring Dave Crisafi, an employee of the label, as our manager was a huge conflict of interest. Dave would always side with Eulogy whenever payment was brought up, and once we learned that this isn’t the way things are usually done, we fired him. We’d developed a friendship with him and everyone at the label, so this was not an easy tie to sever.”

As if that wasn’t bad enough, Eulogy knew how badly the band wanted to leave the label that they told Epitaph Records, who were interested in the band before officially signing them, that they would let SYG out if their contract for $100K.

“Keith (our manager) got in contact with Epitaph Records, who were interested in buying out the remainder of our contract. That pretty much bailed us out of our situation. The amount exceeded $100K, a portion of which was paid up-front, and the rest was to be recouped through sales of our second full-length.”

But for those who are more interested in whether the band will be reuniting anytime soon, Wilson gave a slight hope for that.

“Last time I talked to everyone about the band we all seemed receptive to the idea of playing shows again when it makes sense. 2016 marks ten years since the release of Mutiny! so maybe we’ll play some shows then? Our band has always sort of flown by the seat of our pants, so it’s hard to say this far in advance, but we’ve all agreed it’s best to leave the door open.”

To read the complete, in-depth interview, head on over to Lambgoat here and check out everything Wilson had to say.

Set Your Goals Vocalist Updates Fans on Band’s Current Status


Earlier this week, Set Your Goals vocalist Matt Wilson revealed he had formed a new band named Chains. chains, like Wilson revealed, would be his outlet for songs he had written that did not have the Set Your Goals sound.

Apparently, their fans were not happy with his new project announcement.

According to Wilson, fans had taken to the web to flood him with angry messages demanding an update on the band and whether or not they have officially split up.

In order to inform those angry fans about the status of the band, Wilson posted a lengthy update on their Facebook page, giving them a little bit of insight on what each individual member has been up to.

“On a related note, I’ve gotten a ton of angry messages asking for an answer on the status of the band. The truth is, we just don’t know the future for certain and don’t want to get people’s hopes up or give any information that could end up being untrue. As a band, we are laying low for a while and busy individually with our adult lives. We haven’t “broken up” per se, we’re just focusing on other things for the time being. Here’s what we’ve been up to:

-Dan got married and will be moving to Atlanta, GA, next month.

-Joe recently moved to Portland, OR, and plays in a band called Great Collapse

-Jordan returned to school and is pursuing film. He still needs another surgery before he can resume full use of his Achilles’ tendons again, as far as I know.

-Mike started and builds high end tables, and plays in U.S. Light Brigade and What’s Eating Gilbert.

-Audelio had a daughter named Olivia, works for Glad Rags, and plays with What’s Eating Gilbert.

-I run a record label called Calaveras Records and started a band called Chains. I also work for Snoop Dogg doing tour merchandising and production.

Hope that answers some of your questions.


Well Matt, we hope that answers their questions as well.

Set Your Goals Vocalist Reveals Side Project


No current projects are on the horizon for Set Your Goals and vocalist Matt Wilson will be taking advantage of the quiet time. The singer has announced that he created a new band named Chains to put out music that did not quite fit the sound of Set Your Goals.

“I am equal parts darkness and light and I have always had ideas that wouldn’t quite work for Set Your Goals; either the lyrics were too dark or parts were too aggressive,” admitted Wilson in a statement posted on YouTube.

“Chains is an outlet for that. Once Set Your Goals slowed down, I was able to put my ideas into motion. I grew up listening to extreme music and this projects is more in line with those tastes.”

As if the announcement wasn’t enough, Wilson has also released the group’s lead single, “Cages.”

Listen to it below.

Chains’ debut record, The Sorrow, The Sadness will reportedly be released in early 2015 through Wilson’s own record label, Calaveras Records.