Blaqk Audio release new single, “Waiting to Be Told”

AFI frontman Davey Havok has always been a busy man, but this year, it seems like he’s got more on his plate. Earlier this year, it was announced that he had joined forces with Tom Dumont, Tony Kanal, and Adrian Young from No Doubt to form a supergroup. The group, which still does not have a name, was shopping around for a record label armed with a completed album. A couple of days after, Havok announced that Blaqk Audio, his electronic side project with AFI bassist Jade Puget, would be releasing a new album this spring. Now, we’ve gotten a new song from the duo’s upcoming release.

On Thursday (March 31), Havok joined forces with Billboard to premiere a brand new song titled “Waiting to Be Told.” In conjunction with the song’s released, Havok sat down with the publication to discuss several things including the inspiration behind the song and what is it like to work with the guys from No Doubt.

About “Waiting to Be Told”: “It is the opening track on the record and it really harkens back to a genre that very much influenced Jade and I and that really was a genre that inspired us to start moving on creating Blaqk Audio, which was, at this point, 15 years ago, believe it or not. Around the turn of the century there were so many great artists making so much great music and “Waiting To Be Told,” to me, really spoke to that genre of music and that period of time in my life. Though that period of time in my life is a type of anchor for me lyrically speaking it’s a song of feeling displaced and feeling out of place. So it is a contrast, when I actually articulate that I realize that. But I am so excited for you guys to be premiering it ’cause it is the opening to the record.”

About working with the guys of No Doubt: “Those guys approached me to work with them and I was really honored that they would even consider me. And when we started writing it was just sparks and it’s been great working with them. Like I said it’s a little premature to talk about it, so I can’t go too deep into it. It doesn’t sound like any of the music I’ve worked on before. I can’t say what it sounds like, so it is another outlet for me that is very inspirational and fulfilling.

To read the complete interview, head on over to Billboard here. “Waiting to Be Told” can currently be streamed below.

“Waiting to Be Told” will be featured on Blaqk Audio’s new record, Material. Material is set to be released on April 15 which will be followed by a tour. The tour will kick off on May 4 at the House of Blues in San Diego and wrap up on June 4 at the Shoreline Amphitheater in Mountain View, CA. Tour dates can be seen here.

‘Love, Sex, Death’ with Fall Out Boy


Who would have thought this time last year that Fall Out Boy would be coming back from their indefinite hiatus with not only one brand new, full album, but that they would be heading into the studio with Ryan Adams to come up with a complete anti-Save Rock and Roll album in less than a year? Final total: two albums, one year.

If you said you saw it coming then come off it, because it was just rumors a year back that Fall Out Boy would come back from the dead let alone go on two sold out tours one including buds, Panic! at the Disco.

The new album which has been named, Pax Am Days, which will be available digitally and on a limited-edition Save Rock & Roll duo disc reissue on October 15, is proof that the band have come back better than ever. Back in July, it was reported that the four guys had taken refuge inside of Adam’s recording studio, Pax Am Studio, hence the name of the album.

During their two days, the band, plus Adams, managed to record “eight or nine” new songs that they had reportedly said sound a lot more punk than their recently released album.

For now, check out the first of many of these kind of songs, “Love, Sex, Death.”


  1. We Were Doomed From The Start (The King Is Dead)
  2. Art of Keeping Up Disappearances
  3. Hot To the Touch, Cold On the Inside
  4. Love, Sex, Death
  5. Eternal Summer
  6. Demigods
  7. American Made
  8. Caffeine Cold