The White Stripes Meet Lullaby Time


Want to teach your kiddies about good rock bands early in life so they don’t end up worshiping radio’s latest cash cow? Well, the popular “rock songs turned into lullabies” company, Rockabye Baby, are back with a brand new rock song turned lullaby and this time it’s “Seven Nation Army.”

Lullaby Renditions of the White Stripes turns the duo’s hit song into something suitable for little kids to listen to and enjoy even though “Seven Nation Army” is an enjoyable song. The Shite Stripes are in good company though with this lullaby; the company has featured bands like The Beatles, Nirvana, U2, Radiohead and more than 50 others with their hit instrumental.

Check out the video of the lullaby rendition of “Seven Nation Army” right here (and it’s so cute):