Former Cute is What We Aim For Bassists Unveils New Band, Track


While all members of Cute is What We Aim For left frontman Shaant Hacikyan high and dry in 2011, it looks like former bassist Fred Cimato, who bowed out of the group in 2007, has returned. The musician is now part of a trio named Lovey and they just finished unveiling their first single; a 90s-influenced track titled “Maybe.”

Listen to the group’s new song below.

Lovey will reportedly be releasing their debut album later this month. Lovey’s debut comes about eight years after Cimato left Cute is What We Aim For. A few years after his departure, the rest of the lineup followed with only Hacikyan remaining. The last time we heard anything from Cute is What We Aim For was back in 2013 when the band hit the road for a 12-date tour with The Dangerous Summer.

At the time, they also had a new EP titled Real Eyes coming out which was produced by The Early November’s frontman Ace Enders.