Jailed Lostprophets Singer to Receive Pay Out Upon Release

Former Lostprophets frontman Ian Watkins


According to the BBC, Watkins will NOT be receiving any kind of pay out from the Goonies Touring Company liquidation.

Turns out that they were not able to pay back the thousands of pounds that were owed to those creditors and the company was just dissolved.

When former Lostprophets frontman Ian Watkins was sentenced to 34 years in prison for heinous crimes against children, those following the story from the beginning sighed with relief with the sentencing that he deserved.

Now, it appears that Watkins truly isn’t getting all the he deserve. According to NME, the jailed singer will be getting a pay-out of roughly £150,000 (almost $175,000) once he is released from prison thanks to the liquidation of a touring company he and his former bandmates were involved in.

The remaining members of Lostprophets (or current members of the recently formed No Devotion) instructed accountants to liquidate a firm called Goonies Touring Company Ltd. which reportedly handled all the band’s affair including concerts and merchandising.

Once Watkins was indited, money from the company started to dry up and that’s when the rest of the members realized it was time to give it up and attempt to pay back all the creditors that they owed money to.

It was reported that the company had almost £200,000 (a little over $235,000) in cash and more than £500,000 (about $589,000) in assets at the time of sale. The money made from the sale of the company would be split five-ways, resulting in each member of Lostprophets getting a cut of the money including Watkins.

A source told the Mirror that “[Watkins] is entitled to the money because it is cash earned by the band before this scandal broke. Many people will feel revulsion that he will have a nice little nest egg waiting for him when he’s freed but it is his cash and it will go to him.”

It’s not like that’s the only way Watkins has been earning money during his sentencing. The disgraced singer has also been earning royalties from Lostprophets’ music during his time in prison

Watkins was jailed backed in December 2013 for 29 years plus six years for a series of child sex offenses including the attempted rape of a baby. Last July, he attempted to appeal his prison sentence, but lost after judges ruled that the “shocking depravity” of his crimes justified the lengthy sentence.

No Devotion to Headline U.K. Tour in January

No Devotion to support Gerard Way on UK tour

It’s been a year since the creation of No Devotion, and the band are already planning on heading out on a headlining tour in January.

The band which features former members of the now tarnished and defunct Lostprophets as well as Thursday frontman, Geoff Rickly have revealed a handful of tour dates in the United Kingdom for January 2015.

The tour will begin on Jan. 19 in Bristol at The Fleece and wrap up a few days later in London at the O2 Academy Brixton.

Former My Chemical Romance frontman Gerard Way will be opening for them on selected dates including Birmingham, Southampton, and Reading.

Tour dates can be seen below.


Jan. 19 – Bristol @ The Fleece

Jan. 20 – Birmingham @ O2 Academy

Jan. 21 – Southampton @ O2 Guildhall

Jan. 22 – Reading @ The Bowery District

Jan. 23 – London @ O2 Academy Brixton

While No Devotion has released three tracks, the band have yet to formally announced the release date for their debut record. They have, though, released a special Singles 2014 boxset, which includes 12” versions of their previously released songs including “Stay” and “10,000 Summers.”

Listen to No Devotion’s “10,000 Summers”


No Devotion have been a little quiet in the last couple of month, but we’d like to believe it has to be because they’ve been busy touring.

Now, the band which is made up of the remaining members of Lostprophets and Thursday frontman, Geoff Rickly are back with a brand new track.

The new song is titled “10,000 Summers” and was up for sale beginning yesterday on both iTunes and on vinyl through Rickly’s Collect Records.

“10,000 Summers” is the third song that the band have released since they announced their formation. Lead single “Stay” was released back in July while the B-side track, “Eyeshadow” was released as a single in August.

Listen to the new song below.

No Devotion will be wrapping up their first headlining tour tonight at Glasslands in Brooklyn with Ricky Eat Acid, Black Clouds, and Creepoid.

Originally, the band were announced as a supporting act for Neon Trees’ “First Things First” tour, but due to Neon Trees bassist Branden Campbell needing to undergo open-heart surgery, the Las Vegas band scaled back their tour dates. But, that didn’t stop No Devotion from going their own way to promote the act.

As for that debut album we’ve been waiting for, there’s been no mention on when it will be released or a tentative release date. But we kind of understand because Rickly is such a busy man.

No Devotion Release Video for “Eyeshadow”


It’s been a few months since the remaining members of Lostprophets joined forces with Thursday’s Geoff Rickly to create a new band named No Devotion. Since announcing the formation of the band, Rickly and company have unveiled two songs from the group.

The first song, “Stay” was released on a 12-inch through Rickly’s record label, Collect Records. On the B-side of the record, the group released another track titled “Eyeshadow” which has now gotten the music video treatment.

As of now, there has been no word on a full length album, but we can assume one is coming soon since it was just confirmed that No Devotion will be heading out on tour with Neon Trees for their “First Things First Tour.”

In addition to the Neon Trees tour, No Devotion have announced a couple of headlining tour dates which can be seen below.


29 – Bakersfield, CA – Fox Theater *
30 – Santa Ana, CA – Observatory *

02 – Los Angeles, CA – The Roxy +
04 – Las Vegas, NV – Vinyl at Hard Rock +
05 – Phoenix, AZ – Orpheum Theater *
06 – Albuquerque, NM – Sunshine Theater *
07 – Boulder, CO – Boulder Theater *
09 – Omaha, NE – Sokol Auditorium *
11 – Chicago, IL – Reggie’s Rock Club +
12 – St. Louis, MO – Fubar +
14 – Detroit, MI – The Shelter +
15 – Toronto, ON – The Horseshoe +
17 – Harris, MI – Island Resort & Casino *
18 – Harris, MI – Island Resort & Casino *
19 – Clive, IA – Seven Flags Event Center *
21 – Wichita, KS – Cotillion Ballroom *
22 – Oklahoma City, OK – Diamond Ballroom *
24 – Columbus, OH – Rumba Cafe +
25 – Pittsburgh, PA – The Smiling Moose +
26 – Philadelphia, PA – Milkboy +
28 – Brooklyn, NY – Glasslands +

* = supporting Neon Trees
+ = headlining dates

Former Lostprophets Members Speak About Tarnished Band Name


Last week, we uncovered that the remaining members of Lostprophets had joined Thursday’s Geoff Rickly to create a new band named No Devotion.

In the wake of the Ian Watkins chronicles where he plead guilty to 13 charges including attempted rape and sexual assault of a child under the age of 13, the four remaining members of the Welsh band were left with a tarnished band name.

In turn, they announced back in October that the band were splitting up in the midst of Watkins’ trial.

In an interview with The Guardian, it was revealed how much Watkins’ 29 year sentencing affected the band. It was so bad that guitarist Lee Gaze revealed he can’t listen to anything the band had put out.

“I can’t [listen]. It’s tainted, because he was the voice of the band, and it was his lyrics.”

The band’s former bassist, Stuart Richardson was so affected by the turn of events that he smashed a platinum disc that was given to each member in celebration of 2006’s Liberation Transmission platinum status.

“I don’t know how his badness can’t cancel out our music,” Richardson began. “We had platinum records in our houses, awards…I smashed Liberation Transmission the other day. The rest are in the garage and they’ll probably never come out again.”

But not all things are bad. In order to distance themselves from the damaged Lostprophets name, No Devotion which not only features Gaze and Richardson, but also Jamie Oliver, Luke Johnson and Mike Lewis, is set to release their debut album, Stay later this month. The newly formed band had released their first single last week, the same day they revealed the creation of the group.

Former Lostprophets Members Form New Band


When Lostprophets frontman Ian Watkins was arrested for last year and tried earlier this year, fans and non-fans of Lostprophets had spoken out about how no one should support the band because Watkins would still be making money off of the band. Many pointed out that that kind of thinking and of course Watkins arrest and imprisonment reflected negative on the band that had nothing to do with his disgusting crimes. 

Now, the other members of Lostprophets have finally made the decision to move on from the band that helped make a name for them to another that could be a fresh start for them (you can read the full press statement about the formation below).

The former members, Lee Gaze, Mike Lewis, Jamie Oliver, Stuart Richardson, and Luke Johnson  have formed a new band with Thursday’s vocalist, Geoff Rickly. 
The newly-formed band has been named No Devotion and set to release their new song, “Stay” as a 12-inch single on Rickly’s label, Collect Records.

“This is a story that starts with an ending. An atypical story for modern music, this is a tragedy that isn’t mythologized, a drama that couldn’t have been manufactured.

In this story, a popular band does not rediscover friendship to deliver the best album of their careers. The story of No Devotion truly has no precedent.

By now, most people—or at least most anyone reading this—know what happened to Lostprophets, the Welsh sextet whose multiplatinum, fifteen-year career died instantly with the horrific actions of its former lead singer. What most people haven’t seemed to consider, however, is how the lives of the band’s remaining members—Lee Gaze, Luke Johnson, Mike Lewis, Jamie Oliver, and Stuart Richardson—were profoundly impacted.

Harshly uprooted from their settled lives and careers, their own notions of trust and betrayal tested beyond measure, there was never going to be an ending in which everything could simply go back to where it was before.

“We didn’t know if we would ever make music again,” Richardson recalls, “if people would look us in the face. Everything felt like it was over.”

There was a long period of reflection, a sort of self-preservation for themselves and their families. And then, the music did come, albeit not like before.

By the time they approached former Thursday vocalist Geoff Rickly with a batch of instrumental tracks, an updated creative template had been forged and the singer’s famously eclectic musical interests—which he spent the last few years exploring as both a solo artist and as a member of United Nations—somehow perfectly aligned with this new direction.

“To be honest, I never really listened to Lostprophets,” Rickly admits. “But with this music, we speak a common language. You don’t really grow out of punk, you grow with it. To my mind, post-punk was about taking a more sophisticated approach to that sound, and I think we all have a shared respect for that era of modern music.”

After much consideration, Rickly agreed to front the new project. In light of the recent controversy, no one believed that this was an easy request.

“I had always liked these guys in passing: they’re funny and self-aware. I didn’t think it was fair, what was happening to them. And, well, the music was too good to pass up,” he says, simply.

Which is to say that this story is not so much about alienation as it is about connection, and it’s not about redemption as much as personal reclamation. No Devotion provided a vehicle for its members to become themselves again, and the two songs that comprise this, their debut 12-inch for Collect Records, were the fuel.

“We didn’t know what else to do,” Richardson explains. “We just wrote music. I didn’t know if anyone would ever want to hear it, I didn’t know if anyone ever would hear it. I just needed to occupy my brain.” He pauses, then adds, “We just needed this.”

The song is currently up on iTunes for sale, as well as the B-side , “Eyeshadow.”

Ian Watkins’ Former Girlfriend Charged Over Indecent Images


In another sick and twisted turn that has come out of the Ian Watkins case, his ex-girlfriend, Joanne Mjadzelics, has also been charged with possession of child pornography by the Crown Prosecution Service of Wales. According to the BBC, Mjadzelics was found with incident images of children which she proceeded to distribute. She is scheduled to appear before Cardiff Magistrates’ Court on March 21.

Suzanne Thomas, Senior Crown Prosecutor for the Crown Prosecution Service Wales, stated‘”I have reviewed this evidence in accordance with the code for crown prosecutors and concluded that there is sufficient evidence and it is in the public interest to charge Joanne Mjadzelics with four counts of possession of an indecent image, two counts of distributing an indecent image and one count of encouraging another to distribute an indecent image.”

Earlier this year, Watkins applied for permission to appeal against the length of his jail term for child sex offenses including attempted rape of a baby which resulted in a 29-year jail sentence and an additional six years on license. The singer, who original plead not guilty eventually plead guilty to the crimes he was accused of at the end of last year. Any hope that he might get a reduced sentence for his disgusting crimes might just be in his head.

How about that for some “mega lolz.”

Ian Watkins Tries to Apply for Appeal of Sentence


If you though being a pedophile made you looks like a major scum bucket of the Earth, having the balls to apply for an appeal makes you the scum bucket of the universe.

Last month, former Lostprophets singer, Ian Watkins had been given a 29-year sentence plus six more years after pleading guilty to 13 counts of sex offense including the attempted rape of a baby.

According to the BBC, the Court of Appeal confirmed that the application to appeal his sentence was lodged in two days ago.

While the case was going on, Watkins admitted that he had conspired to rape a child, as well as three counts of sexual assault involving children, seven counts involving taking, making or possessing indecent images of children, and one of possessing an extreme pornographic image involving a sex act on an animal which even the judge was sickened by.

At first, Watkins had pleaded not guilty to all accusations, but when hard evidence arose from his storage cloud, it was inevitable. He did, though, plead not guilty to the rape.

The former singer was sent to jail as well as two women who turned out to be the mothers of the children that he had abused.

But it looks unlikely that Watkins will see the light of day anytime soon. When a judge tells you that you are better in jail because you are a “significant risk” to children, that is a sure-fire way to get stuck behind bars, for your full term.

Even if by some slim chance the appeal is looked at, Watkins is still being investigated by the South Wales Police on whether he had committed the same atrocious acts in Germany and the United States. The Independent Police Complaints Commission has also confirmed it is investigating three police forces over the case.

Former Lostprophets Frontman Sentenced to 35 Years in Prison


UPDATE: Watkins is now being investigated by other police forces in the US and in Germany.

Detective Chief Inspector Peter Doyle, the Senior Investigation Officer on the case revealed this piece of information.

“In the last few weeks we have received further information that will now be looked at by the investigation team,” he said. “There are also investigations being conducted by other police forces around the world including Germany and the United States.

“We would encourage anyone who has been affected by this case or other cases of child abuse to contact South Wales Police on 029 20634184 or the NSPCC on 0808 800 5000.”

Former Lostprophets frontman, Ian Watkins has officially been sentenced.

In case you haven’t been informed about what is going on with the singer, he plead guilty a couple of weeks ago to attempting to rape a one-year-old girl, and several other sex offenses that shocked his fanbase.

Watkins has been sentenced to 29 years in prison for crimes of child abuse as well as “an extended license of six years” making his grand total of time to serve, 35 years in jail.

While in court on November 26, he plead guilty to all counts against him, but during a conversation with a friend from prison, he revealed that he had no remorse for what he had done.

During one call, he claimed he wanted to release a statement after he was sentenced saying, “It was megalolz, I don’t know what everyone is getting so freaked out about.”

In another phone call, he said “there was no medical evidence” and “nobody was harmed”, adding: “I’m not a pedophile, I’m not. You know I pleaded guilty just to avoid a trial, not realizing ‘Hang on, that makes me look a bit guilty’ but I would never harm anybody.” Asked whether he still thought the case was “megalolz,” he replied, “No, it’s just lols now.”

After the phone calls were brought to light, his defense attorney, QC Sally O’Neill said that the singer wanted to apologies for his behavior. “He does wish, for what it’s worth, to say he is very, very sorry for what’s happened and still finds it hard to accept but realizes the reality of what has happened.”

His defense team argued that his sentence should be mitigated by the fact that he had pleaded guilty and thus avoided a trial. They also said that his use of alcohol and drugs meant he was not able to remember all of his actions, and that he had “no recollections” of the allegations of child abuse in the case.

Speaking in court, the judge on the case told Watkins, “You are a sexual predator. You are dangerous. The public, and in particular young females and children, need protection from you.” He added, “I am satisfied that you are a deeply corrupting influence. You are highly manipulative.”

Watkins’ sentencing was a long time coming. Originally, the former frontman had pleaded not guilty to all counts against him. Then last month, he entered a guilty plea on three counts of sexual assault involving children, six counts relating to child pornography, and one count of possessing “extreme” animal pornography, but pleaded not guilty to rape.

Lostprophets Release Statement About Ian Watkins’ Guilty Plea


When news hit that Ian Watkins formerly of Lostprophets has pleaded guilty on all charges that had been filed against him, most of the world, fans included, wondered just what could make someone want to abuse and rape children and then plea not guilty about it.

When Watkins was first arrested, the remaining members of Lostprophets had released a statement letting fans know that they would no longer be a band following what had transpired with their singer. Now that Watkins has officially plead guilty to his charges, the band have finally written another statement on be half of the rest of the members.

In the statement that was posted online, the remaining members express how shocked they were about the charges as well as the fact that it wasn’t just a misunderstanding. They also explain that things were getting a little tense between them and their former frontman due to his “battles with drugs, egotistical behavior and frustration.”

The official statement released can be read below:

Earlier this week, we learned that the allegations of child sexual abuse against Ian were true, and that he would not be contesting them in court. Until then, we found them extremely difficult to believe and had hoped it was all a mistake. Sadly, the true extent of his appalling behaviour is now impossible to deny.

Many of you understandably want to know if we knew what Ian was doing. To be clear: We did not. We knew that Ian was a difficult character. Our personal relationships with him had deteriorated in recent years to a point that working together was a constant, miserable challenge. But despite his battles with drugs, his egotistic behaviour, and the resulting fractures and frustrations within our band, we never imagined him capable of behaviour of the type he has now admitted.

We are heartbroken, angry, and disgusted at what has been revealed. This is something that will haunt us for the rest of our lives. Being in a band has always been a labour of love and a platform to inspire people, not to take advantage of them. It’s still hard to believe this is happening and that someone we were once so close to has destroyed so many lives, lying every step of the way.

Our hearts go out to Ian’s family, the fans and friends he betrayed, and most importantly, the victims of his crimes and others like them. We hope for justice, but also that Ian will truly take responsibility for what he’s done. We would urge any other victims to contact the authorities.

Jamie, Lee, Luke, Mike and Stu