Frank Ocean Sued Over Song

Frank Ocean

Another day, another lawsuit.

This time the lawsuit is against Frank Ocean and no, there is no Chris Brown to be seen in this one.

The singer is being sued by producer, Micah Otano who claims he was deprived of any credits on Ocean’s song, “Lost.” The producer filed papers on March 6 at the U.S. District Court of California where he cited the following in his suit against Ocean: breach of contract, fraud in the inducement, rescission and restitution, copyright infringement and declaratory relief.

He claims that he “co-created” the song, “Daylight” with fellow producers, Malay and Paul Shelton which eventually became the track known as “Lost.”  He also claims that he “solely performed the lead synthesizer parts on ‘Daylight’ as well as piano and other parts” for the song.

Otano also says that he and Malay had joint ownership of the “Daylight”, but they promised that they would not shop the song around as their own, but rather shop it around as if they were co-producers, but Malay did just the opposite and sold the track to Frank Ocean as his own.

Not only are Ocean and Malay named in the suit, but Def Jams and Universal Music Group have also been listed. Otano is looking for damages, but how much will be determined if or when they go to trial.

No comment has been made by any of those named in the suit.