Walk the Moon Bring a Kids Choir to Late Night


For anyone who has seen a Walk the Moon show, which we were lucky enough to attend last month, then you know the kind of high energy shows they put on. While appearing on Jimmy Kimmel Live on Tuesday night (Nov. 17), the band brought the party to the television screens of those watching the late night program. The Ohio-based band took the stage to perform their current single, “Different Colors.”

While they are an entertaining bunch on their own, they decided to add something extra to the performance; a bunch of kids signing back up. Yup, they had a choir of kids singing the lyrics to “different Colors” alongside them.

Check out the video of Walk the Moon (and the kids) performing “Different Colors” below.

Walk the Moon recently wrapped up the second North American leg of their “Talking is Hard Tour.” The European leg of the tour is set to begin next Tuesday, Nov. 24, at the Queen Margaret Union in Glasgow. Before heading across the pond, the band will perform at this year’s American Music Award set to take place this upcoming Sunday, Nov. 22.

Florence and the Machine Perform “What Kind of Man” on ‘ Jools Holland’

Florence and the Machine frontwoman Florence Welch might have been dealt a crappy hand during the first weekend of Coachella when she broke her foot, but that’s not stopping her from putting all her energy into her newly toned down performances.

During Coachella weekend two, the songstress was confined to a stool and a few weeks later, it looks like the stool has become her partner for her live performances.

Last night, Welch and the rest of the band performed on British late night show, Later….with Jools Holland. Welch, who is known for her showmanship, sat on her trusty stool to sing “What Kind of Man.” We can only assume it took all of her energy to remain seated since you can clearly see her bouncing up and down, frantically, to the song.

Watch the performance on the show below.

According to Welch, her broken foot should be healed by the time the band are scheduled to perform at Glastonbury at the end of June. We’re sure she’ll be getting enough rest in the meantime because the band’s schedule seems to be light this Summer.

Their next gig is on May 9 where they will be the musical guest on Saturday Night Live and then after that, they will have a big break before heading to New York’s Randall’s Island for the Governors Ball.

“What Kind of Man” is the lead single to How Big, How Blue, How Beautiful, due out June 2nd.

Watch The Avengers Play ‘Family Feud’ on ‘Jimmy Kimmel’

Family Feud is probably one of the best shows to watch if you ever need a good laugh. Whether it’s the fighting among the family or the things that come out of contestants’ mouths, there’s always something to laugh about.

Come on, there are so many compilations of Steve Harvey’s face when people say inappropriate things to last us the rest of the afternoon.

So what happens when you take the cast of The Avengers and put them in the Family Feud set up?

Hilarity, of course.

Last night, during their promotional round on Jimmy Kimmel Live!, Jimmy Kimmel pitted the cast against each other in Avengers Family Feud.

Family one, also known as “The Americas” featured Chris Evans, Mark Ruffalo, and Jermey Renner while family two also known as “The Mans” included  Robert Downey Jr., Scarlett Johansson, and Chris Hemsworth.

So many arguments and disagreements made the audience and viewers crack up including listening to Scarlett and Chris H. argue over whether or not “yoga instructor” qualifies as a profession that wears tights. Scarlett said “no” while Chris kept insisting on “yes.”

Guess who was right?

Anyway, check out the eight minute video below.

The Avengers: Age of Ultron hits theaters on May 1st.

Jimmy Fallon Fills in for Bono on “Desire”


Jimmy Fallon is one hell of a good sport and we mean that. This week on his late night show, The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon, U2 were supposed to take the stage as the house band for the full week.

Due to an injury that Bono obtained during the weekend in a freak bicycle accident in Central Park which required surgery, the band had to pull out of their duties leaving the late night program performer-less.

Insert Fallon and The Roots.

Instead of just leaving it at that, a week without musical guest, Fallon and The Roots decided to give an unexpected performance of them covering “Desire.”

The best part of the performance? Fallon came out on stage decked out like Bono in both clothing and eyewear.

Check out the video from the show last night below.

As of now, The Tonight Show has not announced what they will do for musical guests this week since U2 were booked until Friday and one can’t exactly go from the operating room to the stage in less than a day.

Considering Fallon started out the week like this, we’re going to assume that he (and everyone who works on the show) might have something up their sleeve.

Metallica to Play House Band for ‘The Late Late Show’


Taking a page out of the Foo Fighters’ performance book, Metallica have now booked a week-long residence on The Late Late Show.

The metal legends will playhouse band for the late night talk show beginning on Nov. 17 and, we assume, will wrap up on that Friday, Nov. 22 (also known as the dreaded Black Friday).

The band’s appearance on the late night show will also act as a way of saying good-bye to outgoing host, Craig Ferguson who will be replaced by British actor/comedian James Corden.

“What better way to celebrate Craig’s awesome tenure at CBS than to come and shake the rafters for a whole week,” Lars Ulrich said.

“Nothing to sell, nothing to promote…purely hanging at Craig’s personal request. Bring it!”

While Ulrich claims that the band’s appearance is to “rock the rafters” and not sell or promote something, the band will be re-releasing the Some Kind of Monster documentary on Nov. 24 for its 10th anniversary.

Good timing.

But that’s not all that they will be releasing within the month of their residence. For Record Store Day Black Friday, they will release the vinyl version of their latest single, “Lords of Summer” and in December, they will be releasing a box set of every show they played in 2014.

No promoting whatsoever, right Lars?

As for Ferguson, the host’s last show will reportedly take place in December. His decision to leave the late night program came back in April when he was reportedly overlooked as a possible replacement for David Letterman in favor of Stephen Colbert.

Fun. Debut New Song on ‘Jimmy Fallon’


Not much has been heard from fun. in several months, since their performance at the NCAA March Madness, to be exact, where frontman Nate Ruess revealed they were working on some new material.

Since then, there has been radio silence from the band that a year ago were on a major tour and a continuous staple on top 20 radio. The only known thing was that guitarist, Jack Antonoff had formed a band (not a “side project,” because he hates that term) named Bleachers.

After months of quiet, it was quite a surprise, to say the least, to see the band not only appear on Jimmy Fallon’s late night show last night, which was somewhat live from Universal Studios Orlando’s preview of the expanded Wizarding World of Harry Potter (Hogsmeade), but that they came armed with a new song.

The new track is titled “Harsh Light” and awesomely was filmed in front of Universal’s Rip Ride Rockit, but other than that, no other information was given about it. Maybe the follow-up to Some Nights is on the horizon. Or maybe it’s just something to tide fans over.

Check out the live debut of the new song.


Jimmy Fallon, Kevin Spacey and the Ragtime Gals Cover Jason Derulo


What happens when you combine Jimmy Fallon, barbershop group, the Ragtime Gals, and actor Kevin Spacey?

Well, you have them covering Jason Derulo’s current hit song, “Talk Dirty,” but with a barbershop spin on it. Think the Dapper Dans from Disneyland taking on the naughty song and cleaning it up a bit so even your grandmother can listen to it. There’s also that added bonus that you can completely understand the lyrics.

Don’t believe us? Check it out the video which features the late night host, the “House of Cards” star and the barbershop group get their A Capella on.

This isn’t the first time that the Ragtime Gals (Tom Shillue, A.D. Miles and Chris Tartaro) have covered some naughty tracks that were breakout songs on the radio. In the past, they have covered R. Kelly’s “I Wanna Sex You Up,” “Ignition (Remix) and “SexyBack” featuring Justin Timberlake. 

Morrissey Cancels Jimmy Kimmel Appearance


Fans of Morrissey should not expect to see the singer on Jimmy Kimmel tonight. Morrissey was scheduled to perform on the late night show, but upon finding out that the cast of A&E’s Duck Dynasty would be one of the featured guests, the singer declined being a part of the episode.

For anyone not familiar with Duck Dynasty, the show follows a family of unexpected millionaires who make their money from selling products for duck hunters to use. It’s almost like a modern day version of The Beverly Hillbillies. Morrissey, being an animal right activist, decided to pass on the show because of that.

His rep released the following statement about this last minute cancellation:

“Morrissey is thankful for being invited to perform on Jimmy Kimmel Live tomorrow, Feb. 26. However, he cannot morally be on a television program where the cast members of Duck Dynasty will also be guests. Morrissey would be honored to play the show, if Duck Dynasty were removed.”

In a twist, Morrissey, himself, released a statement as well to his fans saying:

“As far as my reputation is concerned, I can’t take the risk of being on a show alongside people who, in effect, amount to animal serial killers. If Jimmy cannot dump Duck Dynasty, then we must step away.”

While Morrissey won’t be on Jimmy Kimmel tonight, the British singer will be making history this upcoming weekend by performing at the Staples Center for the first ever Vegetarian Concert, where everything will be 100% vegeatrian at the stadium.

Fall Out Boy Move Up Album Release After Jimmy Kimmel

Save Rock and Roll

Last night, Fall Out Boy made their return to the night show circuit when they appeared on Jimmy Kimmel live to perform their new song, My Songs Know What You You Did in the Dark (Light ’em Up). This appearance marks the first time that they  performed on television since the announcement of their impending indefinite hiatus back in 2009.

Dressed in glow in the dark skeleton suits, the band gave fans in the audience a touch of what to expect on their upcoming Save Rock and Roll Tour which starts in May. After their performance on the show, the band instantly headed to their Tumblr to announce late breaking news; the band had decided that they couldn’t hold onto the album for much longer and moved up the release date for it. Instead of the album making its appearance on shelves on May 6, it will now be ready for fans to pick up on April 16.

The band released the following statement on their Tumblr (and Facebook) page late last night:

Fall Out Boy Tumblr

Until then, you can watch the Jimmy Kimmel Live performance to get ready: