Passion Pit “Let’s Go” in New Song


Passion Pit’s upcoming album is just a couple of weeks away from being released and the band have been doing a good job of giving fans some new tracks, but still keeping the rest of the tracks hidden.

As of now, they have only released two full song from the album, “Lifted Up (1985)” and “Where the Sky Hangs,” and today, they added a third one to the list; a song titled “Until We Can’t (Let’s Go).”

The track made its debut on NPR earlier in the day and is currently being streamed over there. To listen to the track, click here.

Along with the song, the publication got the opportunity to speak (via email) to Passion Pit frontman Michael Angelakos, about the new single and his inspiration behind it. Angelakos said he wrote the song when nothing was going right and needed to blame it on someone or something. Apparently, he decided to blame everything on the apartment he and the band were staying in.

“In this case, our apartment started seeming so … off. It’s the apartment! It’s the apartment’s fault! We can’t do ANYTHING in here. And the rent is ridiculous! And it’s not us, or the 8,000 other things happening that are totally stressful and annoying and easy to forget when we’ve got such a terrible apartment like this — rest assured!

Everyone can lay off, because the grass is indeed very much greener on the other damn side. No, I don’t know where the other side [is], but we’ll figure it out. We’ll figure it out maybe, I don’t know, in a few weeks. Honestly, I can’t plan that far ahead. Everything will be awesome once we move; let’s just get out of here … at some point, I don’t know.”

Kindred is due out on April 21 through Columbia. Until then, you can check out the tracklist for the album below.


1. “Lifted Up (1985)”
2. “Whole Life Story”
3. “Where the Sky Hangs”
4. “All I Want”
5. “Five Foot Ten (I)”
6. “Dancing on the Grave”
7. “Until We Can’t (Let’s Go)”
8. “Looks Like Rain”
9. “My Brother Taught Me How to Swim”
10. “Ten Feet Tall (II)”

Passion Pit Take Us to the Club with New Music Video


It’s been over a month since we’ve heard anything from Passion Pit, aside from them announcing a handful of tour dates, but now the band are back with a brand new music video.

The music video which was directed by  Phil Andelman, features frontman Michael Angelakos in the ever ending crowds of people inside of a night club. The club has tons of strobe lights and glow sticks going on so you can feel like you’re actually part of the craziness going on inside those four walls.

Warning, the video contains a lot of strobe lights and glow sticks (since you know, it’s suppose to mimic a night club), so if you’re affected by either things, don’t watch it.

Kindred, the band’s upcoming new album, will be released on April 17 through Columbia Records. Pre-orders for the record are currently available on their website. For those who pre-order the album, they will receive instant downloads of  both lead singles “Lifted Up (1985)” and “Where the Sky Hangs.”

Passion Pit Show Us “Where the Sky Hangs”


Another day, another new Passion Pit song has been unveiled.

Following yesterday’s big reveal, the band have released yet another new song from their upcoming new album Kindred.

The new song is titled “Where the Sky Hangs” which was release as an instant download for fans of the band who decided to pre-order the upcoming record.

Check out the video for the new song which like “Lifted Up (1985)” features the album’s art in motion. If you had been one of the many people following the group’s cryptic videos over the past month or so, you will recognize not only the imagine in the video but also the rhythm of the song.

Kindred will be released on April 17 through Columbia Records while pre-orders for the record are already available on their website. Like stated before, if you pre-order the album, you will receive instant downloads of  “Lifted Up (1985)” and “Where the Sky Hangs.”

Passion Pit Unveil New Single, Album Release Date

After weeks of teasing fans with cryptic posts on social media and short, non-informative videos, Passion Pit have finally felt some pity for their followers and decided to release the first full track off of the upcoming new record, Kindred.

The new song is titled “Lifted Up (1985)” and can be streamed below in the video which features the cover art for Kindred in motion.

If the new video wasn’t enough of a gift, the band have also released the full track listing for the record as well as the release date. Kindred will be released on April 17 through Columbia Records.

Pre-orders for the record will begin tomorrow, Feb. 17. Those who pre-order the record early, will receive “Lifted Up” and “Where the Sky Hangs” as instant downloads.

Not too shabby for Monday.


01. “Lifted Up (1985)”

02. “Whole Life Story”

03. “Where the Sky Hangs”

04. “All I Want”

05. “Five Foot Ten (I)”

06. “Dancing on the Grave”

07. “Until We Can’t (Let’s Go)”

08. “Looks Like Rain”

09. “My Brother Taught Me How to Swim”

10. “Ten Feet Tall (II)”

Passion Pit Tease Fans with Another Short, Cryptic Video

Passion Pit are at it again, dropping hints about their upcoming new album in the most minimalist way possible.

Last week, the band had their fans decode some Morse code which ended up being some lyrics to a new song. After that, they unveiled a short video, giving those excited fans a tiny taste of a new song. Now, they’re at it once again.

Today, the synthy-band decided to keep up with their cryptic clues by posting a link to a website on Twitter. The website led fans to that appears to be their new band site for all things Kindred, their upcoming new album, hence the actual link,

As soon as you’re taken to the website, a brand new, never before seen video is on your screen. But don’t get too excited, the video is only eight seconds long, but it does feature what is probably some music from one of the tracks on Kindred. Plus, it appears that the title of the song might be some lyrics from said song; “the piece of it all that I could only hold in.”

Check out the video below.

At least we know a couple of things about the new album; its name and the projected release date which is sometime in April through Columbia Records.