Sleeping with Sirens Frontman Gives Update on New Album


Sleeping with Sirens released their new album, Madness last summer, but now it’s looking like they’re ready to get back into the studio for a follow-up. On Sunday (Feb. 7), SWS frontman Kellin Quinn hosted a Periscope chat with his fans. During the chat, he updated fans about the group’s still-in-the-works new album. As it turns out, it’s going to be the band’s attempt to go back to their roots or as Quinn said, them “getting back to who we are.”

“It’s definitely going to be focused on us re-branding and thinking about our music in terms of what we really want to do with it,” explained Quinn. “I think when you’re making music and you’re expected to do certain things with your band, you kinda lose your touch and your focus. I definitely think this record is us getting back to who we are; getting back to concentrating on the music itself.”

He continued, “It’s definitely very, very opening, and probably the most personal record I’ve ever wrote.” Last month, Quinn has taken to Instagram to post snippets of two acoustic songs. One of the songs was “Who Are You Now” from the band’s 2011 release, Let’s Cheer to This, while in the second video was a cover of Sublime’s “Santeria.” According to the group, they will be releasing an acoustic record some time this year. The acoustic album announcement came a few months after they wrapped up their “We Like it Quiet Acoustic Tour.”

Sleeping with Sirens Frontman Teases Acoustic Album


Sleeping with Sirens’ 2015 was one for the books. They released their fourth studio album, went out on a couple of tour with several of our favorite bands like Pierce the Veil and All Time Low, and now, it looks like their 2016 will be following in suit. Taking to Instagram, frontman Kellin Quinn recently posted two snippets of acoustic songs. In one video, the band is performing “Who Are You Now” from 2011’s Let’s Cheer to This, while in the second video, they are heard covering Sublime’s massive hit, “Santeria.”

In the captions for both, the singer wrote “#acousticalbum.” An acoustic album would be a logical path for the band since their final tour of 2015 was the “We Like It Quiet Tour” which found the Florida-based band performing their songs acoustically. Perhaps the acoustic tour was just a teaser as to what to expect. Check out both of Quinn’s videos below.

#acousticalbum coming soon 😍👍😎

A video posted by Kellin Quinn (@kellinquinn) on

#acousticalbum last teaser.. So so excited!

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Sleeping with Sirens will once again hit the road in February. The group will begin their European tour on Feb. 19 in Amsterdam at the Melkweg. It will them conclude a few weeks later on March 6 in London at the Roundhouse. The tour will be in support of their recently released album, Madness. Madness was released last spring through Epitaph Records.

Guitar Hero Live Reveal First Batch of Song Titles


Last month, Activision revealed that after a five-year hiatus, they would be bringing back their Guitar Hero franchise from the dead with several changes including a more realistic controller, a first-person perspective on the game, and a more modern tracklist as opposed to the classic rock tracks of the past.

As part of their promotion for the new game, set to be released this Fall, the company unveiled 24 songs (and their rightful musicians) from the upcoming game. According to Rolling Stone, this first batch of song titles is just part of a weekly roll out that will eventually includes hundreds of song titles.

The songs from this batch include Ed Sheeran’s “Sing,” Pierce the Veil’s “King for a Day” featuring Sleeping with Sirens’ frontman Kellin Quinn, The Killers’ “When You Were Young” as well as Fall Out Boy’s “My Songs Know What You Did in the Dark (Light ‘Em Up),” and My Chemical Romance’s “Na Na Na.”

The latter should not come as a surprise, since Fall Out Boy bassist Pete Wentz and former My Chemical Romance frontman Gerard Way were on hand during the unveiling back in April.

Check out the list below.


The Black Keys, “Gold on the Ceiling”
Blitz Kids, “Sometimes”
Ed Sheeran, “Sing”
Fall Out Boy, “My Songs Know What You Did in the Dark (Light ‘Em Up)”
Gary Clark, Jr., “Don’t Owe You a Thang”
Green Day, “Nuclear Family”
The Killers, “When You Were Young”
The Lumineers, “Ho Hey”
My Chemical Romance, “Na Na Na”
Pierce the Veil, “King for a Day (feat. Kellin Quinn)”
The Rolling Stones, “Paint it Black”
Skrillex, “Bangarang”
The War on Drugs, “Under the Pressure”
Black Veil Brides, “In The End”
Rage Against the Machine, “Guerrilla Radio”
Judas Priest, “Breaking the Law”
Pantera, “Cowboys From Hell”
Sleigh Bells, “Bitter Rivals”
System of a Down, “Chop Suey!”
Alter Bridge, “Cry of Achilles”
Alt-J, “Left Hand Free”
Broken Bells, “Leave It Alone”
Red Hot Chili Peppers, “Higher Ground”
The Pretty Reckless – “Going to Hell”

Kellin Quinn v. Oli Sykes: Round 2


We never though we’d see the day when guys would act like a bunch of 14-year-old girls competing over who would get the most attention from the cute, new guy in school.

Last month, Sleeping with Sirens frontman, Kellin Quinn had posted on the band’s website an $80 package which guaranteed fans, an autographed Polaroid picture with the frontman, a group Q&A, a signing session with the entire band and other things during their current tour.

When word got around that Quinn was “offering” this to fans, Bring Me the Horizon frontman Oli Sykes sounded off on the matter and he was less than thrilled about it. He took to his Twitter and started to throw major shade at Quinn writing things such as “Next USA tour! Oli Sykes special polaroid package! Take a photo with me! Special price! Absolutely no charge at all! Fucking cockstars.”

Of course, Quinn did respond to the diss and wrote in his respond that he thought it was a great deal and “ if you disagree then don’t buy it, no one is forcing you k?” Soon after, he did reveal that he would be donating some of the money to charity.

Just when we thought that it would have all ended there, let’s just say that it didn’t and rewind back to those catty girls in high school.

Sykes recently had gotten a facial tattoo and went on to the post the new body art on his Instagram; that’s when Quinn saw his opportunity to attack.  He wrote, “Dude, so stoked! My best bud @olobersyko loved our album so much he got the artwork tattooed on his face”

Sykes, not being one to take something so lightly especially when it has to do with his “bud” Quinn, responded by simply writing, “@Kellinquinn it’s just such a good album, you must have been so stoked when @JesseSWS wrote it all.”

Ouch, but that’s not where it all ended.

Quinn responded a few hours ago with “@olobersyko @JesseSWS maybe he can sign his name next to your feather? You have his number right? I’m sure he’d be stoked to do it!”

I think someone might need some water for that burn. No telling how much further this feud is going to go, but rest assure, it’s probably just going to get cattier and funnier.

Kellin Quinn v. Oli Sykes: Round 1


What happens when frontmen from two of “the” scene’s biggest band have it out? Well, apparently something really funny.

On their website, Sleeping with Siren’s frontman, Kellin Quinn had put up a package called “Kellin’s Polaroid Package” where fans of the band would pay $80 to get an autographed Polaroid picture with the frontman as well as a group Q&A, a signing session with the entire band among other things during their current tour.

After that package hit the web, Bring Me the Horizon frontman, Oli Sykes who is not shy about calling people out, tweeted the following in response to that.

“Next USA tour! Oli Sykes special polaroid package! Take a photo with me! Special price! Absolutely no charge at all! Fucking cockstars.”

But that’s not where it all ends. Following Sykes diss through social media, Quinn went on to release a statement about the Polaroid deal.

My response

I feel like this is an amazing deal for 80 dollars if you disagree then don’t buy it, no one is forcing you k?

“Autographed Polaroid photo with Kellin
Group Q&A session with Kellin
Signing Session With Sleeping With Sirens
Large Double-Sided Autographed Poster
Early Entry Into The “Feel This” Tour
General admission ticket to the “Feel This” tour”

keep in mind Polaroid film is super expensive, your getting the ticket to the show, you get front row over anyone else.. If you only want to pay general admission then just do that. However, if you do like the idea of doing all these things included.. It’s ONLY 80 dollars.. I would never charge someone money for just a picture with me.. I try and do anything and everything for my fans.. I do in fact have a family, and that family needs to be fed.. So thanks for supporting us and helping me continue to tour.. Without you there is no us!

Love you Kellin

So in a battle of egos, who do you think is right? For once, we’re going to have to side with Sykes, but then again, it’s not out $80 being spent.