‘Guardians of the Galaxy’ Characters Revealed?


It’s been a few months since we’ve heard anything from the Guardians of the Galaxy camp, but now it looks like the talks about who certain cast members will be playing have surfaced online.

The James Gunn directed film will star Benecio Del Toro, Lee Pace and Doctor Who alum, Karen Gillan, but when the initial cast had been revealed, some started to wonder what roles each of the actors wold be portraying. According to Den of Geek, Del Toro will be playing The Collector, is designed to protect the various life forms that currently posses the museum he is the curator of from the evil Thanos.

Lee Pace will take on the role of Ronan the Accuser, Thanos’ son and part of the alien Kree race as well as Supreme Accuser of the Kree Empire. Karen Gillan will reportedly be playing Nebula, the alleged granddaughter of Thanos.

As a disclaimer, we are saying these are just rumors and should be taken with a grain of salt because you know, if the casting is wrong someone will be very upset at us (or Den of Geek). On the other hand, it might be accurate since all of the characters are in some shape or way connected with Thanos which we saw in the post-credit scene of The Avengers. Thanos is also rumored to be the villain in the anticipated Avengers‘ sequel.

One thing that fans can count on is exact confirmation for Marvel at this year’s Comic-Con, which begins next Thursday.  The film is currently expected to hit theaters in the UK on August 1, 2014.