Stream Josh Farro’s Solo Debut Record


Last year, former Paramore founder, Josh Farro had revealed that he would be releasing his first solo album under the moniker, Farro. At the time, he released the lead single off the impending record, “Cliffs.” A month after that, he released the second single off of Walkways, “On a Wire.” With a little under a day left until the official release of the new album, he’s letting his followers listen to the complete debut early.

Premiering exclusively on Billboard, the musician spoke to the music publication about the record and how it has been a longtime coming. “It’s been a long time coming, but the day is finally here,” Farro said. “Walkways is a great representation of the musical journey I’ve been on over the last year.”

Listen to the new album below.

Since the Farro brothers left Paramore in 2010, the two have worked on several projects, but sadly, nothing seemed to stick. But now, six years later, it looks like Farro is here to stay. During the sit down, he also revealed just how this idea came t be.

“I started to do the album with an engineer friend of mine, but I really wanted to do it with a producer. I was randomly introduced to Jacquire King. He was on board, and next thing you know, we’re doing pre-production [in 2014]… I signed on with new management and once I had the album done with Jacquire, we started strategizing. We decided it was missing a few strong — I guess you could call them singles. I started writing again and I was really pleased with what I came up with.”

Walkways is set to be released on Friday, Feb. 5. Even though there has been no confirmation of a tour, it sounds like one might be on the horizon.

Josh Farro Debuts “On A Wire”


While Paramore is currently undergoing another lineup change, former guitarist Josh Farro is moving on with his musical life after being gone from the group for over five years. Last month, the guitarist released a new song titled “Cliffs” under the moniker Farro. Now, he’s back with another new song from his recently announced, upcoming new album.

On Friday (Dec. 18), the musician joined forces with Alternative Press to release a second song off of the impending record, Walkways. The new song is titled “On A Wire” and according to Farro was “written from the perspective of someone in a relationship where they unintentionally make the other person feel as though they are walking a careful line.”

Check out “On A Wire” below.

Walkways is the debut album from Farro and is set to be released on Feb. 5, 2016. As it was previously reported, Farro’s brother Zac (also a former Paramore member) will perform drums on several of the new material.

Former Paramore Guitarist Releases Solo Song

December is going to mark five years since Paramore lost two original members. While the pop-punk band have managed to get bigger in that time frame, the Farro brothers (Josh and Zac) have remained quiet. Now, it appears that Josh has decided to return to music under the monkier Farro.

On Wednesday (Nov. 4), the former Paramore guitarist released his first new song; a track titled “Cliffs.” The song made its debut over at Billboard and can be heard over there or below.

To coincide with the debut of the song, the publication sat down with the musician to ask him a couple of questions including whether his brother is playing with him (that was a no, but he did help with the recording process) and if he keeps in contact with his former band mates. Considering the way Farro and his brother left the band, we weren’t at all surprised when he said no without actually saying no to Billboard’s question.

“We didn’t end on the best terms, but everything is cool now,” he said.

“It’s taken a lot of time. It’s like an ex-girlfriend or ex-boyfriend. My ex-girlfriends from high school, I don’t still hang out with them. It’s pretty rare that you’re like, ‘Oh, we’re still great friends.’ Usually when you have a breakup, you part ways, although I wish it wasn’t like that. I strongly believe there will be a day where we’re sitting back and laughing about the past and everything. It just takes some time to heal from a breakup like that. I can definitely say from my end, there’s no hard feelings and I feel like that’s a mutual feeling from both sides.”

To read the complete interview with the guitarist, head on over to Billboard’s website here.