Listen to John Nolan and Jesse Lacey’s High School Band

Over the past couple of days, the John Nolan/Jesse Lacey fan base have been going crazy over the news that someone had a CD of the duo’s high school band, Gudmunder Bjornsen, which also featured Nolan’s sister, Straylight Run’s Michelle DaRosa.

Now, 20 years later, someone happened to find a copy of the CD and was attempting to sell it to the highest bidder on eBay. Instead of letting it go, the fan base decided to come together to raise funds on GoFundMe to purchase the CD and post it online for everyone to enjoy.

The seller found out about it and took down the listing, promising to sell the audio in mp3 for $11 through PayPal.

And that’s where John Nolan comes in.

Instead of letting someone make money off of “old embarrassing high school memories,” the Taking Back Sunday guitarist took to Twitter to advise everyone that he would be posting the tracks online somewhere as a kind of scavenger hunt for those desperately wanting the music.

Thanks to those dedicated fans, we now have all the tracks from Gudmunder Bjornsen which can be heard below.

Enjoy, and thanks again John.

An old Gudmunder Bjornsen flier via John Nolan's Instagram

Original Taking Back Sunday Vocalist Posts 1999 Footage


Did you know that Taking Back Sunday had a lead singer before Adam Lazzara?

For Taking Back Sunday fans, it might not be a surprise but for others like us, it’s a little weird to not think that the microphone swinging frontman was not their one and only. With that being said, original Taking Back Sunday frontman, Antonio Longo, recently uploaded a video from one of the band’s first shows in 1999.

Lazzara though, was in the band at the time but not in front of the microphone, but rather behind the bass. Look really close in the video posted below. The line-up at the time that the video was shot included Longo, Lazzara, Eddie Reyes, John Nolan and Mark O’Connell. Pretty close tot he current line up.

The current line-up of the Long Island based band are set to release their sixth studio album, Happiness Is… and go out on a co-headlining tour with The Used in support of it beginning on March 14 at the South
By So What? Festival in Dallas.