The Killers Introduce Us To Poor “Joel, the Lump of Coal”


Christmas is right around the corner, if you couldn’t already tell. We like to blame all the radio stations that began playing Christmas music Thanksgiving afternoon and the wonderful smell of sweat as people fight their way through Black Friday shopping.

But, the Christmas holiday would not be the same if The Killers had not released their annual Christmas song, something the four-piece have been doing for the past decade.

This year, the band have made a song in honor of a sad piece of coal named Joel.

The music video for the new song from the Las Vegas band premiered last night during Jimmy Kimmel’s late night show. Check out the story of poor “Joel, the Lump of Coal.”

Several times, the band have collaborate with other musiciansĀ on the holiday-centric songs and this year it was Kimmel’s turn.

Previously, The Killers have worked with Elton John, Pet Shop Boy’s Neil Tennant and more on their special holiday inspired songs.

As always all proceeds from the song will go to the AIDS charity (RED) which held their national (RED) day yesterday. The song is currently available for purchase over on iTunes.