Watch Demi Lovato Bring a Special Guest on Stage for a Special Duet


Some stars who got their start on Disney try their hardest to hide it or put it on the backburner so that it doesn’t cloud other people’s judgement of them when they decide to evolve.

We’re sure there have been many instances┬áthat Demi Lovato has tried to do that, but the singer did something kind of cool this past weekend at one of her shows.

During the Los Angeles stop of her Demi Lovato: World Tour at the Staples Center, the singer brought a special guest onto the stage: Joe Jonas.

Yes, the guy she dated for all of five seconds joined Lovato on the stage to perform their duet “This is Me” from Disney Channel’s original movie, Camp Rock.

For those not familiar with the movie, which is hard to picture because it’s one of Disney Channel’s better original movies, it was arguably Lovato’s breakout role, playing the main character Michie who has to put up with Jonas’ egotistical Shane Gray for the summer.

Check out the video below and have a slight flashback to 2008, though it’s kind of hard to hear Jonas sing his part with all the screams from the girls.

Jonas Brothers Call It a Day


Well, Jonas Brothers fans, we are sad to report that the brother band have officially called it quits.

Tensions had been brewing for the last month between the three members, but things look like it took a turn for the worse with the brothers officially calling it a day.

Originally, the brothers were supposed to head out on a new tour a few weeks back. Two days before the first tour stop, they cancelled the entire thing. At the time, there was no word on what caused the cancellation, but fans were assured it had nothing to do with older brother, Kevin’s wife being pregnant.

Later, it was revealed through their manager that there was a “deep rift” between the band concerning the direction that their new music would go.

Then, in a move that stunned a lot of fans and casual listeners, their Twitter account had been deactivated, fueling more rumors of the end was near for them. Last week, both Nick and Joe had both tweeted messages asking fans to give them some time, (Joe went with more of the let us get our s–t together approach).

Now, the end had finally fallen on the band as they revealed to People Magazine, who broke the initial story, that they have indeed disbanded.

“It’s over for now,” said Kevin to People.

“It was a unanimous decision,” added Joe.

Nick followed it up by saying, “It’s really hard to say ‘forever,’ we’re closing a chapter, for sure.”

The magazine also reported that things came to a head while they were in a business meeting on October 3. Nick voiced his concern about the direction that the band was going and their future.

“I was feeling kind of trapped; I needed to share my heart with my brothers.” he said.

For those not familiar, the band all started because of Nick who was already a Broadway performer by the time he was 7. He was shopping around demos at that time which featured his brothers on it.

But while Nick might have been the brains behind calling it a day, things had been spiraling out of control. Recently, rumors also began that middle brother, Joe, might be battling some of his own demon when he was seen hanging out with renowned addiction specialist Mike Bayer.

One question does remain, what’s going to happen to the Bonus Jonas?