Watch Eminem perform ‘Venom’ from atop the Empire State Building

When you’re Eminem and you’ve done everything from winning countless awards and selling millions of albums to starring in a movie, how exactly do you top that? Apparently, the answer is to head to the top of the Empire State Building. On Monday (Oct. 15), the Detroit-based rapper was the musical guest on Jimmy Kimmel Live! where he treated fans to a prerecorded performance of his latest single, “Venom.”

During the appearance, the real Slim Shady took his show to new heights when he headed to the iconic New York City’s skyscraper. Throughout the eight-minute clip, the musician raps the lyrics to the track as he makes his way from the ground floor of the building to the top where he is surrounded by nothing but fog, colorful flashing lights, helicopters, and the New York City skyline.

Halfway through the clip, Eminem’s microphone begins to malfunction in front of an elevator. When the elevator opens, Kimmel’s trust companion Guillermo is there.

“Hey are you going up?” the rapper asks.

“I think so…hey you need a microphone?” Guillermo responds.

Cue one of the most awkward elevator rides of all time with the rapper dropping some information about the historic building as an elevator music version of the song plays in the background.

Watch the complete video above.

“Venom” is featured in both Sony’s antihero film “Venom” and on Eminem’s recently released album, Kamikaze.

The musician’s surprise tenth studio album marks his return to the music world following the release of his lukewarmly received ninth studio album, 2017’s Revival.

Unlike Revival, Kamikaze was met with generally positive reviews from critics and fans alike. The album debuted at the number one spot on the Billboard 200 chart. Kamikaze earned Eminem his ninth number one album, tying Garth Brooks and the Rolling Stones for the fifth-most leaders in the chart’s history.

The only other artists to earn more number ones are The Beatles (with 19), Jay-Z (with 14), Bruce Springsteen (with 11), Barbra Streisand (with 11) and Elvis Presley (with ten).

Jimmy Kimmel Posts New “All Music Edition” of #MeanTweets


One of Jimmy Kimmel’s funniest sketches comes courtesy of all the negative posts people send across Twitter about celebrities then having said celebrities go on his show and read them out loud (some of them having laughing fits along the way).

This week, we got a new all-music edition of the sketch in honor of the Grammy Awards set to take place this upcoming weekend.The cast of musicians include some of pop’s biggest artists and some fellow Grammy nominees as well.

Musicians like Josh Groban, Drake, Katy Perry, Sam Smith, Lady Gaga, and more take a crack at reading the mean tweets because nothing shows you have a sense of humor about those “haters” than reading those hateful messages out loud and laughing (all the way to the bank) about them in the process.

Check out the new edition below.

The 57th Annual Grammy Awards will air live this Sunday, Feb. 8, beginning at 8 P.M. EST on CBS.

The Killers Introduce Us To Poor “Joel, the Lump of Coal”


Christmas is right around the corner, if you couldn’t already tell. We like to blame all the radio stations that began playing Christmas music Thanksgiving afternoon and the wonderful smell of sweat as people fight their way through Black Friday shopping.

But, the Christmas holiday would not be the same if The Killers had not released their annual Christmas song, something the four-piece have been doing for the past decade.

This year, the band have made a song in honor of a sad piece of coal named Joel.

The music video for the new song from the Las Vegas band premiered last night during Jimmy Kimmel’s late night show. Check out the story of poor “Joel, the Lump of Coal.”

Several times, the band have collaborate with other musicians on the holiday-centric songs and this year it was Kimmel’s turn.

Previously, The Killers have worked with Elton John, Pet Shop Boy’s Neil Tennant and more on their special holiday inspired songs.

As always all proceeds from the song will go to the AIDS charity (RED) which held their national (RED) day yesterday. The song is currently available for purchase over on iTunes.

Fall Out Boy Perform “Centuries” on ‘Jimmy Kimmel’


It’s been a week since Fall Out boy premiered their new song, “Centuries” and last night, the band took to Jimmy Kimmel Live to perform it live for the first time.

The live performance, which can be seen below, feature some crosses in the background which makes us wonder if they will play a key part in the look of the new album (or maybe just the track). If you don’t remember too far back, fans that were fortunate enough to make it to the recording of the official music video for the song took picture of a wooden cross.

Check out the live performance.

“Centuries” will be featured on Fall Out Boy’s upcoming record that was almost certainly confirmed by bassist, Pete Wentz. As of now, there’s no projected release date nor a title for the record yet. Rumor has it that they might name it Centuries. Guess we’ll have to wait and see.

Watch 50 Cent Go All ‘MaleFiftyCent’


50 Cent was probably the worst person in the history of the MLB to throw out the first pitch at a game, but even the rapper got a laugh out of it, claiming his crappy pitch was due to “extensive masturbation.”

Now, the rapper is back with something new for fans and haters a like that is also very funny, his own version of the box office’s hit film, Disney’s Maleficent starring Angelina Jolie. His parody, titled MaleFiftyCent, was all for Jimmy Kimmel’s late night show, Jimmy Kimmel Live.

With a tagline like “Get witch or die trying” and the hip-hop remixed version of the story, of course all we can do is sit back and laugh.

Jimmy Kimmel’s ‘Bitman Begins’


Remember a few years ago when a YouTube video exploded on the internet featuring two very adorable little boys, one of them named Charlie who bit his brother’s finger?

Well, thanks to Jimmy Kimmel and the Hemsworth brothers (yes, that would be Thor (Chris) and Gale (Liam) from The Hunger Games), they have fast forward time to what would happen when Charlie and his brother grew up for a skit called “Bitman Begins.”

Also featured in the skit are Meryl Streep as they boys’ mother and Tom Hanks as a random monk just hanging around in a dungeon where Charlie is being held prisoner.

Watch the full parody here.

Final ‘Divergent’ Trailer Airs on Jimmy Kimmel


One of 2014’s highly anticipated films is Divergent which stars Shailene Woodley and Theo James.During their stop at Jimmy Kimmel Live last night, Woodley and Thomas took with them the last trailer for the film which is et to hit theaters on March 21. The trailer can be seen below at around the 1:44 mark.

The film is based off the trilogy series by Veronica Roth by the same name in which a 16-year-old girl named Beatrice Prior takes a test to learn which of the five factions in the future dystopian Chicago she will fit into.

After finding out she is a Divergent and will never fit in anywhere, she learns that there is a plot to destroy all Divergents.

Jimmy Kimmel Gets Coachella Goers to Embarrass Themselves


By now you have probably seen the video of Jimmy Kimmel and his ‘Lie Witness News’ crew getting Coachella goers to embarrass themselves by asking them about bands that don;t really exist. “These bands are so obscure that they don’t even exists” quips the late night show host.

Bands such as the Chelsea Clintons, the Obesity Epidemic, Regis & the Philbins and Dr. Shlohmo & the G.I. Clinic made the make-believe list. Check out the funniness down below.

So the story goes, if someone asks about something you have no idea about, just nod your head and move away, or else you might end up like these people.

Morrissey Cancels Jimmy Kimmel Appearance


Fans of Morrissey should not expect to see the singer on Jimmy Kimmel tonight. Morrissey was scheduled to perform on the late night show, but upon finding out that the cast of A&E’s Duck Dynasty would be one of the featured guests, the singer declined being a part of the episode.

For anyone not familiar with Duck Dynasty, the show follows a family of unexpected millionaires who make their money from selling products for duck hunters to use. It’s almost like a modern day version of The Beverly Hillbillies. Morrissey, being an animal right activist, decided to pass on the show because of that.

His rep released the following statement about this last minute cancellation:

“Morrissey is thankful for being invited to perform on Jimmy Kimmel Live tomorrow, Feb. 26. However, he cannot morally be on a television program where the cast members of Duck Dynasty will also be guests. Morrissey would be honored to play the show, if Duck Dynasty were removed.”

In a twist, Morrissey, himself, released a statement as well to his fans saying:

“As far as my reputation is concerned, I can’t take the risk of being on a show alongside people who, in effect, amount to animal serial killers. If Jimmy cannot dump Duck Dynasty, then we must step away.”

While Morrissey won’t be on Jimmy Kimmel tonight, the British singer will be making history this upcoming weekend by performing at the Staples Center for the first ever Vegetarian Concert, where everything will be 100% vegeatrian at the stadium.

Fall Out Boy Move Up Album Release After Jimmy Kimmel

Save Rock and Roll

Last night, Fall Out Boy made their return to the night show circuit when they appeared on Jimmy Kimmel live to perform their new song, My Songs Know What You You Did in the Dark (Light ’em Up). This appearance marks the first time that they  performed on television since the announcement of their impending indefinite hiatus back in 2009.

Dressed in glow in the dark skeleton suits, the band gave fans in the audience a touch of what to expect on their upcoming Save Rock and Roll Tour which starts in May. After their performance on the show, the band instantly headed to their Tumblr to announce late breaking news; the band had decided that they couldn’t hold onto the album for much longer and moved up the release date for it. Instead of the album making its appearance on shelves on May 6, it will now be ready for fans to pick up on April 16.

The band released the following statement on their Tumblr (and Facebook) page late last night:

Fall Out Boy Tumblr

Until then, you can watch the Jimmy Kimmel Live performance to get ready: