Listen to John Nolan and Jesse Lacey’s High School Band

Over the past couple of days, the John Nolan/Jesse Lacey fan base have been going crazy over the news that someone had a CD of the duo’s high school band, Gudmunder Bjornsen, which also featured Nolan’s sister, Straylight Run’s Michelle DaRosa.

Now, 20 years later, someone happened to find a copy of the CD and was attempting to sell it to the highest bidder on eBay. Instead of letting it go, the fan base decided to come together to raise funds on GoFundMe to purchase the CD and post it online for everyone to enjoy.

The seller found out about it and took down the listing, promising to sell the audio in mp3 for $11 through PayPal.

And that’s where John Nolan comes in.

Instead of letting someone make money off of “old embarrassing high school memories,” the Taking Back Sunday guitarist took to Twitter to advise everyone that he would be posting the tracks online somewhere as a kind of scavenger hunt for those desperately wanting the music.

Thanks to those dedicated fans, we now have all the tracks from Gudmunder Bjornsen which can be heard below.

Enjoy, and thanks again John.

An old Gudmunder Bjornsen flier via John Nolan's Instagram

New Brand New Song?


Fans of Brand New have been anxiously awaiting for the return of the band since the release of their last album, Daisy.  The band will be playing this year’s Riot Fest in Chicago, but plans after that have been on the quiet side.

Earlier this year, the were scheduled to head out on tour in Europe, but due to some family issues, the band had to cancel those dates only leaving their appearance at Riot Fest as their only touring stop this year.

Over the past couple of days, word was getting around that a brand new track had been released on the internet and some fans started to get excited over it only to be bummed; turns out this ‘new’ demo, is one that some fans have reportedly had since 2010.  Thanks to some fans on Reddit, the track has been confirmed to be titled, “Out of Range” and the song features frontman Jesse Lacey and guitarist, Vincent Accardi; other than that, details about the song and when it was made has been scarce at best.

For now, you can check out “Out of Range” and tell us what you think about it.

A few weeks back, drummer Brian Lane confirmed that things were happening with the band but kept mum on what exactly was happening following the cancellation of their European tour.

“So, I mean, definitely even this week, I feel like I wanna try and write some more, but there’s Brand New stuff happening and there’s also the APK production stuff, so it’s just about trying to balance it as best as possible. I can say that we will be back and I apologise,” Lane wrote.