Good Charlotte Update Fans on Their Return


The Good Charlotte news just keeps coming in.

After announcing their return to music earlier this week, the pop-punk band has finally unveiled their brand new song in full. Taking to social media on Thursday morning (Nov. 5), the Maryland band unveiled that their new single’s title is “Makeshift Love.” The new song was to make its official debut on Apple Music and will only be available through iTunes until Saturday, Nov. 7. After that, the song will become available at all other digital media stores. Listen to “Makeshift Love” here.

In addition to the new song, the band also revealed why they kept teasing “one night only” on social media recently. As it turns out, they will reunite on stage at Los Angeles’ Troubadour for one night only on Thursday, Nov. 19. The event, which is sponsored by Alternative Press will not only be the first time the band has performed together on stage since their hiatus, it also marks a return to the beginning for them.

“We played the Troubadour and [producer] Eric Valentine came out to see us in front of our fans. That night we decided we would go into the studio together and make the next record, which would become The Young and The Hopeless,” guitarist Benji Madden revealed to Alternative Press.

As for their reunion, it’s more of a thank you for the fans who stuck it out while they took some time off. “We all wanted to stand on stage together again, as a band,” explains Madden about the band’s decision to reunite after five years. “We wanted to do it especially for our fans at home in America, and share this special moment.”

In the interview, Madden was also asked about the idea behind the new song which turns out, is not so different from songs from their past.

“Like all our breakup songs, it’s kind of a ‘non-break-up break-up song’,” he laughs. “In our music, there has always been some hope that it will all work out and, just like all of our affectionately sarcastic songs of the past, there is the same duality in this song too.”

And if the new song, the one night only show, and the reunion announcement wasn’t enough, Madden did go on to tease that 2016 is the 20th anniversary of the band. “2016 marks the 20 year anniversary of GC. These days, we are all operating on feelings, so we will see how it feels!”

Now, that make us wonder if Madden is just being a troll or if it’s some kind of teasing that fans might get something like a new album or a 20th anniversary tour next year. Like he said, we are “operating on feelings” which is why anniversary tours are a thing now.

Tickets for the Good Charlotte reunion show will go on sale on Friday, Nov. 6, beginning at 10 am PT. For more information about the show, especially about tickets, head on over tot eh band’s website.


iTunes Accidentally Unveils Muse’s New Album Pre-Order Info

muse 2014 desktop Wallpaper

iTunes strikes again.

After ruining Florence and the Machine’s new album announcement a few weeks ago, the music store almost did the same to Muse.

The British band have been trying their hardest to keep all information about the new record under lock and key only giving fans the bare information like the album name and a snippet of a new song. Too bad, their hard work was almost foiled by Apple.

According to DIY, some music fans were looking through the Alternative category on iTunes when they stumbled upon the Muse pre-order post. Though the iTunes post doesn’t really give away much information about the album, it does confirm the title, gives the album art, and lets those snooping know that the pre-orders are close to being made live.


Drones marks Muse’s seventh studio album and the follow-up to 2012’s The 2nd Law. Just last week, the band gave fans a tiny snippet of a new song titled “Psycho” directly from the studio. We’re not sure if it will be the lead single or the “instant grat” song, but if it’s “too offensive for radio” then it might just be.

Drones is set to be released sometime during the first half of the year which is quickly coming to an end.

The time crunch is on.

Mumford and Sons’ New Album Gets Release Date

It’s official, Mumford and Sons will be releasing their new studio album this May.

Last week, the indie band posted a cryptic message on Twitter to fans which featured a link to a video and a simple message telling them to look forward to some big news on Monday (today).

The British band’s third record will be titled Wilder Mind and will be released on May 5th through Island Records and Universal Music.

But the release date isn’t the only thing that was revealed about the new album. Leave it iTunes to once again ruin the surprise by prematurely posting the album art, tracklist, and other important information about the upcoming record. iTunes attempted to remedy the situation by taking down everything connected to the new album, but by then, it was too late.

The band are scheduled to make a “formal” announcement about the album later today, but why when iTunes already released everything unless they will be releasing the first single off of the album to coincide with the announcement.

Check out the album art and tracklist below.



1. Tompkins Square Park
2. Believe
3. The Wolf
4. Wilder Mind
5. Just Smoke
6. Monster
7. Snake Eyes
8. Broad-Shouldered Beasts
9. Cold Arms
10. Ditmas
11. Only Love
12. Hot Gates
13. Tompkins Square Park (Live) *
14. Believe (Live) *
15. The Wolf (Live) *
16. Snake Eyes (Live) *

* = deluxe version

Wilder Mind is the follow-up to their highly successful album, 2012’s Babel. The new album also marks the band’s official return to music after going on hiatus in 2013 following a long and strenuous touring schedule behind Babel.

Jury Rules in Apple’s Favor in Antitrust Lawsuit


A couple of weeks ago, Apple was taken to court in a class-action lawsuit which accused the company of purposely erasing music from customers’ iTunes which were not purchased directly from iTunes, but from other digital music sites.

On Tuesday, a jury sided with Apple on the case.

The eight-person jury came to a unanimous decision following just three-hour of deliberation. It should be pointed out that the short deliberation was a kick in the head for the plaintiffs who were building up the lawsuit and trying to take it to trail for nearly 10 years.

The jury determined that Apple did in fact use the iTunes software updates, the ones that supposedly erased the music, to deliver improvements for older iPods. The iPods that were reportedly affected by this were those purchased between September 2006 and March 2009.

Throughout the trial, lawyers for the company discovered that two of the plaintiffs initially named in the suit did not buy iPods in the relevant time period.

“There’s not one piece of evidence of a single individual who lost a single song, not even a complaint about it. This is all made up at this point,” said William Isaacson, Apple’s lead lawyer about the case.

“We created iPod and iTunes to give our customers the world’s best way to listen to music,” an Apple spokesperson said after the verdict was reached.

“Every time we’ve updated those products over the years – we’ve done it to make the user experience better. ”

As the trail made headlines at the beginning of the month, it was reported that if Apple lost, they would be out $350 million in damages which could have reached up to $1 billion under the antitrust laws.

To read the full report about the case, head on over to the New York Times.

Supergroup Unveil Christmas Single for Charity


Can you smell the aroma of pine needles, packing tape, cinnamon, and plastic in the air? All those smells must mean just one thing; Christmas is around the corner.

While we are still chocolate wasted from Halloween last week, many stores have already set up their Christmas displays while the Hallmark channel has already begun their two month-long tradition of playing Christmas movies non-stop. With all this Christmas around us, why wouldn’t a band release a Christmas single?

And that’s exactly what we go today with the premiere of a Christmas song titled “Must Be Christmas.” The track came courtesy of Better Than Ezra frontman Kevin Griffin and a slew of members from several bands such as Neon Trees, Fitz and the Tantrums, 311, Smallpools and more.

The supergroup of musicians are going by the Band of Merrymakers while all proceeds from the track, which is available for purchase on iTunes, will go to the MusiCares Foundation.

See, it’s all about the giving. Besides, how many times can you listen to Mariah Carey’s “All I Want For Christmas is You” before wanting to set fire to your radio?

Check out the song below and maybe start getting into the Christmas spirit and buy the track instead of becoming a super Grinch.

Rancid Stream New Album on iTunes Radio


It feels like it was just yesterday when Rancid announced they would be releasing a new album and now, they are giving fans a chance to hear the record a full week ahead of time.

Honor is All We Know is currently being streamed on iTunes Radio for those wanting to hear the iconic punk band’s new tunes. All new 14 tracks including already released tracks “Honor is All We Know,” “Evil is My Friend,” “Collision Course,” “Face Up,” and “Already Dead” which was released last week.

Head on over to iTunes Radio now and give the band’s new album a full listen before its official release next Tuesday, Oct. 27 through Epitaph Records. Pre-orders are currently still going, so if you feel the new album, check out that option. Vinyls and CD can be pre-ordered on their website while digital versions can be pre-ordered on iTunes.

Honor is All We Know is the follow-up to 2009’s Let the Dominoes Fall and was produced by their kind of boss, Epitaph Records head and Bad Religion guitarist, Brett Gurewitz.

Fall Out Boy Perform Civil “Good Deed” in Jimmy Kimmel Skit


U2’s surprise and free album might have made some of their fans happy since they pretty much confirmed the album would be out by the end of 2014, but the fact that the album was delivered to everyone who has iTunes, made a vast majority of people upset.

Case and point? Just yesterday, the Huffington Post called the legendary Irish band the “new Nickelback.”

Need we say more?

Uproar about being forced the album reached Apple, resulting the company having to create instructions so those who did not want the album, could delete it from their iTunes Library.

During their appearance on Jimmy Kimmel Live Tuesday night where they performed their new song “Centuries” for the first time on national television, Fall Out Boy made a joke about it. The band participated in a skit which involved them helping citizens of Los Angeles delete Songs of Innocence from their iTunes Library.

Watch the Save Rock and Roll band do their civil “good deed” below.

We’re going to assume Apple realized that this publicity stunt did have the ending that they hoped for especially because they spent a reported $100 million on the record so that everyone with iTunes could get it.

iTunes Festival to Return to London for Eighth Year


The iTunes Festival will be returning home this September and taking a few American artists with them back to the United Kingdom. The festival announced that they will be returning to London for the 30 days of live performances. 

The iTunes Festival will celebrate its 8th year with acts such as Maroon 5, Pharrell, Kylie Minogue, Calvin Harris, 5 Seconds of Summer and many more, though those are just some that have been announced.

The popularity of the event was so big that earlier this year, the event made its American debut. At the end, there should be a grand total of 60 acts taking the stage at the end of September. 

Fans who are interested in winning tickets to see any of the performers, have the chance to do so by entering official ballots which can be accessed through the iTunes store. Winners will be chosen via lottery system. 

And like every year if you are not from the U.K., then don’t plan on entering because this is strictly for those who live across the pond. (Sorry.) But, like previous years, the concerts will be filmed and streamed online by Apple with fans getting a chance to watch the performances from their computers, iPhones, iPads and iPod touch device or through Apple TV. Apple is attempting to broadcast the shows, live, to more than 100 countries. 

The legendary Blondie, Robert Plant, Beck, Kasabian have all been confirmed to be headlining at some point during the month-long event. 

Coldplay Currently Streaming ‘Ghost Stories’


Coldplay’s new album Ghost Stories is set to be released next week, but the band are letting fans listen to the new album, in its entirety, right this second. 

The British band have already dropped several tracks from the new record since its announcement was made, so this does not come as a complete surprise. Before the streaming was revealed, Coldplay had released lead single “Magic,” “Midnight” “A Sky Full of Stars,” “Oceans” and most recently, “Another’s Arms.” 

Without giving a listen to the album yet and taking the words from other publication who have reviewed the upcoming record already, it seems that a lot of the new tracks are in some way about frontman Chris Martin’s split (conscious uncoupling?) from his wife of ten year, actress Gwyneth Paltrow.

Also in honor of the new album’s release, the band is set to perform on a primetime TV special on May 18 at 7 p.m. set to air on NBC titled, Coldplay: Ghost Stories.

Give Ghost Stories a listen to over at iTunes Radio and tell us how you feel about the new songs, too melancholy or just enough given the frontman “situation.”

Foster the People Stream Full New Album


Foster the People’s new album, Supermodel is set to be released tomorrow, but that doesn’t mean that the band is going to make fans wait until then to hear the full album. Instead, they are currently streaming the full album over at iTunes’ First Play.

This isn’t the first time the band have released a new song for the fans to hear ahead of time. For the last few weeks, they have been releasing full audio streams of several of the song that are found on the new album. Previously released tracks include lead single “Coming of Age,” “Pseudologia Fantastica,”Best Friend” and “Fire Escape.”

Supermodel is the band’s follow-up to 2011’s hit debut, Torches. In support of the new album, they will be hitting the tour circuit this Summer, including stops at some of the biggest festivals of the Summer season including Coachella, Sasquatch, the Governor’s Ball and many more.

The full track list for the record can be seen below and don;t forget, there’s still time to pre-order and if you do, you get an instant download of “Coming of Age” and “Pseudologia Fantastica.”


1. Are You What You Want To Be
2. Ask Yourself
3. Coming Of Age
4. Nevermind
5. Pseudologia Fantastica
6. The Angelic Welcome Of Mr. Jones
7. Best Friend
8. A Beginner’s Guide To Destroying The Moon
9. Goats In Trees
10. The Truth
11. Fire Escape
12. Tabloid Super Junky