No More Moshing at Warped


We all knew that someday it would come down to this, but it looks like now due to insurance reasons, bands have been told to refrain from encouraging concertgoers to mosh.

The story broke when Oli Skyes from Bring Me the Horizon tweeted that by law he was, not allowed to say the terms “mosh pit” or “wall of death” during his performances on this year’s Vans Warped Tour. The initial reaction was that Warped Tour was becoming those old men that tell you to turn down your music because it’s too loud, but really, there was much more to it than that.

The law that Skyes had made reference to is part of the insurance policy that the festival has depending on each individual festival stop and its venue. In it, the policy states that bands must refrain from using any of those terms that way it makes it easier for the insurance companies to cover those that were injured during the show.

While this looks like it might have just happened, it was also said that the bands on tour sign a legally binding contract in which they agree to the policies set by cities, venues as well as the insurance companies.

Guess it’s time to start reading the fine lines, huh?