Thrice Officially Working on New Album


It’s official, work on Thrice’s new album has begun. Over the weekend, an image on Instagram got fans of the California-based band super excited and ready to pre-order the still-untitled record. On Friday (Jan. 8), drummer Riley Breckenridge posted a collage on the social media platform which featured three images of his drum kit and one from outside the recording booth. In the caption, he revealed that he had completed tracking the drums for the impending new album. Breckenridge also confirmed that “guitars, bass, keys, and other goodies” will be recorded “next week” aka this current week.

Check out the image below.

Breckenridge isn’t the only one to have posted something from the recording studio. Guitarist Teppei Teranishi had also posted an image from the recording studio, captioning it, “this is fun,” making reference to the hot mess of cables. One thing that should be pointed out is that both musicians used the hashtag, #TBEITBN in each of their images. We reserve the right to assume that this is the acronym for the new album. Coincidentally, many commentators agree with us because in the comments section, you can see several of them taking guesses as to what the acronym may actually mean.

No matter what, thrice fans can rest assure that a new album will be out this year, after all, the band confirmed that news back in December. This new record will not only be Thrice’s ninth studio album, but also their first album since they came out of their short hiatus. Their last album was 2011’s Major/Minor.

Sleeping with Sirens Frontman Teases Acoustic Album


Sleeping with Sirens’ 2015 was one for the books. They released their fourth studio album, went out on a couple of tour with several of our favorite bands like Pierce the Veil and All Time Low, and now, it looks like their 2016 will be following in suit. Taking to Instagram, frontman Kellin Quinn recently posted two snippets of acoustic songs. In one video, the band is performing “Who Are You Now” from 2011’s Let’s Cheer to This, while in the second video, they are heard covering Sublime’s massive hit, “Santeria.”

In the captions for both, the singer wrote “#acousticalbum.” An acoustic album would be a logical path for the band since their final tour of 2015 was the “We Like It Quiet Tour” which found the Florida-based band performing their songs acoustically. Perhaps the acoustic tour was just a teaser as to what to expect. Check out both of Quinn’s videos below.

#acousticalbum coming soon 😍👍😎

A video posted by Kellin Quinn (@kellinquinn) on

#acousticalbum last teaser.. So so excited!

A video posted by Kellin Quinn (@kellinquinn) on

Sleeping with Sirens will once again hit the road in February. The group will begin their European tour on Feb. 19 in Amsterdam at the Melkweg. It will them conclude a few weeks later on March 6 in London at the Roundhouse. The tour will be in support of their recently released album, Madness. Madness was released last spring through Epitaph Records.

Sum 41 Post Snippets of New Songs


It’s been months since we’ve heard anything from the Sum 41 camp. Last time the Canadian band updated fans, they already had “six or seven songs recorded.” Now, the group has given fans a little snippet of what to expect from their impending record. On Friday (Dec. 25), Sum 41 took to their Instagram page to post two short snippets of new songs.

In the captions for the two snippets, the group confirm that these are just work in progress (one caption reads “Just a rough mix” while the other one reads “Unfinished”) it’s nice to see how much work they have been doing since their last update. Listen to the two snippets below.

Just a rough mix

A video posted by SUM 41 (@sum41) on


A video posted by SUM 41 (@sum41) on

Earlier this year, Sum 41 revealed that they would be hitting the studio to record a new album; the much-anticipated follow-up to 2011’s Screaming Bloody Murder. The new album announcement came over a year after frontman Deryck Whibley was admitted to the hospital for kidney and liver failure. This time last year, the singer had posted images on Facebook showcasing him in the studio which only began talks of a new Sum 41 album.

Then, this past July, the news was confirmed when they posted a link to a Pledge Music page. On the page came the announcement Sum 41 fans had been waiting for; there was new music on the horizon. If that wasn’t enough, there was a reunion on the stage at the Alternative Press Music Awards and a month later it was revealed that former guitarist Dave “Brownsound” Baksh had returned to the band. As of now, there is no projected released date or title for the new album. If you’re interested in still donating to the new album fund, then head on over to Pledge Music and help out. You can also check out some updates from the band as they work their magic in the studio.

Thirty Seconds to Mars Tease New Music


Thirty Seconds to Mars seems to have been put on the backburner for a while as frontman Jared Leto got into serious character as The Joker for his upcoming role in the highly anticipated 2016 film, Suicide Squad. Now that filming for the movie has wrapped and promotional events for it seem to be minimal, it looks like its time for Leto, his bother Shannon, and guitarist Tomo Miličević to get back to music.

On Tuesday (Nov. 3), the frontman posted a picture of himself in a recording booth on Instagram. Under the image was a simple caption which read “#MarsIsComing”; great news for those 30STM fans who have been silently waiting for some new music from the group. Leto’s Instagram post from the studio can be seen below.

View this post on Instagram


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In addition to the new music tease, 30STM revealed earlier this week that they will once again sponsor “Camp Mars” after its successful launch this past summer. For those not familiar with “Camp Mars,” fans of the band also known as the Echelon, were given the chance to head to Malibu at the end of August experience summer camping with a twist.

The inaugural three-day event included summer camp activities such as hiking, climbing, yoga, cooking classes, raising the flag, and camp fire sing-a-longs. Thirty Seconds to Mars also performed two shows and had numerous DJ sets during the weekend to keep the fun going. Not too bad of a way to wrap up the summer.

The new music that Leto is teasing will be the first set to new music since the group’s 2013 release, LOVE LUST FAITH + DREAMS. Following the release of the album, the band headed out on tour, proving that the Leto brothers and Miličević, never sleep.

Of Mice and Men Frontman “Closer to 100%”

Of Mice and Men frontman Austin Carlile has given fans a major update about his health; he’s “closer to 100%.”

The frontman, who was hospitalized at the beginning of June, has had to undergo several serious surgeries during the last month due to Marfans Syndrome, a genetic disorder that affects the body’s connective tissues. But through the horrendous ordeals, one thing stayed constant, Carlile’s goal of getting better and making sure fans were updated on his recovery.

Last weekend, Carlile posted a major update for fans in which he revealed that he is getting closer to 100%.

He followed up the good news by revealing that he is also undergoing physical therapy and that even though it’s hard, “nothing comes easy.”

It also appears that getting better isn’t the only goal the singer has set. Taking a look at Of Mice and Men’s website, it appears that they have some upcoming shows still scheduled for 2015. The first has the band performing at the Louder Than Life Festival in Louisville, KY on Oct. 3 and 4. A little over a month after that, they are scheduled to head overseas to play at Ozzfest Japan on Nov. 21.

New Atreyu Music Video to Debut on Friday


It’s been several months since we’ve heard anything from Atreyu, but don’t worry, it looks like the California group are going to make sure that we don’t forget them. But then again, how could we forget them when their reunion and announcement of a new record had us playing The Curse and Suicide Notes and Butterfly Kisses on a week’s long loop?

Over the past couple of days, the band, as a whole and individually, have taken to Instagram to posted short clips of what appears to be some scenes from their upcoming music video. The music video will be for the album’s title track “Long Live” which will debut on Friday, July 17.

Check out some of the scenes from the music video below.

Last year, Atreyu announced their reunion and that they had begun to work on new music. Then, in April, they confirmed the release of their sixth studio album, Long Live, which will hit stores on Sept. 18 through Search and Destroy Records.

Bring Me the Horizon Drop Major Teaser for Fans

“What the heck is up with all the umbrellas?”

If you’re a fan of Bring Me the Horizon, this was probably your thought at some point in time during the past week and it doesn’t look like it will be going away any time soon.

Today, the band took to Facebook to post a short video which may or may not feature the first taste of new music from the British band.

While the video doesn’t feature vocals or even real instrumentals, it does sound like it’s the introduction to a track. What track exactly, we probably won’t find out until they decided to release the complete song.

Check out the teaser video below.

Last week, BMTH frontman Oli Sykes began posting some cryptic messages in which he advised fans that if they happen to stumble across a poster featuring an umbrella emoticon, to take a picture of it and hashtag the image with the actual umbrella emoticon.

The cryptic message of course resulted in fans automatically assuming that it was linked to some kind of promotion for some new music. Those fans might have been onto something.

The umbrella tag-a-thon comes a couple of months after the band revealed that their long-awaited Wembley Arena DVD had been postponed once again. According to Facebook, the DVD is “now available” though some fans are complaining that their pre-orders still haven’t arrived.

Of Mice and Men Frontman Undergoes ‘Big Operation’

Of Mice and Men frontman Austin Carlile underwent a serious and “big” surgery yesterday, over a week after OM&M broke the news that the band had to cancel the final two days of their “Full Circle Tour” with Crown the Empire and Volumes due to their singer being hospitalized.

When the news broke, no one knew what led to Carlile’s hospitalization, but it was eventually revealed it was stemming from Marfan syndrome, a genetic disorder that affects the body’s connective tissue, which the singer has.

Last week, Carlile had updated fans that he was being moved from the hospital he had been checked into to Stanford University where he would be in the care of his own cardiologist as well as a Marfan specialist.

On Twitter yesterday, Carlile updated fans with the news about the then upcoming surgery and hoped that it would be “the most effective of all the procedures they’ve tried” on him to combat Marfan or at least keep it at bay.

After his several posts on both Twitter and Instagram, support immediately began to flood in from fans as well as fellow musicians. OM&M bandmate Aaron Pauley, Periphery guitarist Mark Holcomb, and Hatebreed singer Jamey Jasta all sent him well wishes in their own kooky way, as can be seen below.

Like everyone else, we wish Carlile nothing but the best and hope you get better soon!

Austin Carlile Updates Fans on Hospitalization

It’s been several days since Of Mice & Men broke the news to fans that the final two stops of their “Full Circle Tour” had been cancelled due to frontman Austin Carlile being hospitalized for unknown reasons.

Now, four days later, Carlile has taken to Twitter to thank the fans for their dedication and well-wishes. He also updated his followers that he will be transferred to Stanford University sometime this week to get the “health situation at hand under control” and to be in the care of his cardiologist and a Marfan specialist.

One silver-lining in all of this; Carlile’s promise that he’s “never giving up.”

Check out the slew of tweets from the singer and a picture update from the hospital on Instagram below.

Of Mice & Men were supposed to wrap up their “Full Circle Tour” earlier this week (June 9) at El Plaza Condesa in Mexico City. The tour was in support of the reissue of 2014’s Restoring Force, Restoring Force: Full Circle which came out earlier this year.

The 1975 Announce U.K. Tour Dates

The 1975 chronicles have continued this morning with the English band announcing plans to go on tour in the United Kingdom this November.

The band’s trek will have them performing at “intimate” U.K. venues like The Academy in Sheffield, Rock City in Nottingham, and many more. The tour will begin on Nov. 9 at The University in Liverpool and then wrap up on Nov. 28  at the Academy in Manchester.

The band broke the news on their newly reactivated Instagram page which now sports the group’s new white and pastel pink logo. Full tour dates can be seen on below.


11/09 – Liverpool @ The University
11/10 – Leicester @ De Montfort Hall
11/11 – Sheffield @ Academy
11/12 – Doncaster @ Dome
11/14 – Nottingham @ Rock City
11/15 – Newcastle @ Academy
11/17 – Edinburgh @ Corn Exchange
11/18 – Bridlington @ Spa
11/19 – Cambridge @ Corn Exchange
11/20 – Plymouth @ Pavilion
11/21 – Southampton @ Guildhall
11/23 – Southend @ Cliff Pavilion
11/24 – London @ Hammersmith Apollo
11/26 – Brighton @ Centre
11/27 – Swindon @ Oasis
11/28 – Manchester @ Academy

The announcement of the impending tour dates come on the heel of the band performing one of the best publicity stunts that we have seen in a while.

While the stunt had people talking about an impending end to the band, talks of a new album once again began yesterday after all their social media accounts were reactivated.

Currently, everyone is just waiting for the four-piece to confirm a new album/its release date unless they are planning on dropping it on any given day like a certain pop star did a few years back.