Ryan Lewis and Family Start “The 30/30 Project”


Ryan Lewis might be known as “that guy that stands next to Macklemore,” but the producer who is now a Grammy-winner along with his friend, is beginning to make a name for himself. Though the legacy he is trying to start might not be completely music related, it is related to something that is close to Lewis; a charity to help raise money to build health centers around the world to benefit people living with HIV.

Lewis revealed on Tuesday through his website, the one he shares with Macklemore, that his mother, Julie Lewis, has been living with the deadly disease for 30 years. In honor of her survival, Lewis and his family have begun to raise money for a project called “The 30/30 Project.”

The video begins with Lewis outlining the last couple of years that led to his international success after “Thrift Shop” made him and Macklemore a household name. After the typical, often told success story, the video shifts to the untold, behind-the-scenes story no one has ever heard before.

That’s where he begins to tell the untold story of what helped motivate him and about the strongest woman he knows; his mother. The narration continues with Lewis’ two sisters, his mother and his father speaking about how lucky she was not to fall victim of the disease unlike those who sadly passed away. After giving birth to her oldest daughter, Lewis’ mother was given a blood transfusion that was HIV positive at a time that blood was not being tested beforehand. Though her two youngest children (Ryan’s other sister and himself) had a 25% chance of getting the disease, they were lucky as well.

The project’s final goal is to reach $100,000 for the first health care center in Malawi and for those wanting to donate, an IndieGoGo campaign has already been started in an attempt to help achieve Julie Lewis’ goal to help out big. As of now, the fundraiser has received over $30,000 with 29 days still to go.

Fall Out Boy Fans Gather to Make a Musical

Fall Out Boy Visits fuse

A few months ago, word got out that there was a Panic! at the Disco musical in the works, and no, the musical was not endorsed by the band at all, but still it piqued fans’ interest.

Now it seems, that another group of fans are thinking about turning another band’s music int a potential musical. This time, the band would be Fall Out Boy.

The musical which has been titled, Hand Of God, and currently, those fans are looking to raise money through go to crowdsourcing site, IndieGoGo to somehow make their goal of $800 for this project.

The summary of the project can be read below or you can visit the IndieGoGo page for more information about it.

Short Summary

“Allison joins a group of dark, subculture junkies headed by playgirl Jamie when she returns to college after a year in Americorps. Her world gets darker and darker as she learns that there is more to living on the fringes than sad poems. A Fall Out Boy musical filled with drugs, lying, and emotional turmoil. Fun for the whole family.”

We’re a group of teenagers about to embark on our first full-length film project: a jukebox musical set to the music of Fall Out Boy. We’ve got a cast, a crew, and a screenplay, but we don’t have any budget at all. So we’ve come to the internet in the hopes that you’ll be as excited about getting this movie made as we are! 

What We Need & What You Get

Whatever amount we get, the budget will be divided something like this:

  • 46% Lighting/Set Design
  • 36% Sound Equipment
  • 18% Camera Accessories

The current budget accounts for necessities only. If we go over our needed amount, we’ll get a higher quality microphone, better sets, and maybe a fog machine. Everyone on the crew is volunteering their time, so none of the money will end up in anyone’s pocket.

The Impact

Without the help of people like you, this film won’t get made. We have a group of excited, hard-working crew members. We just need the money to do what we love and give you the best quality product we can!

Other Ways You Can Help

If you can’t donate, you can help us spread the word about the film! Share the link to the website, tell your friends about it, or even make flyers, if you’re really excited! Just help us spread the word. We’re relying on word-of-mouth to build up hype, so any assistance there is appreciated.”

We The Kings Get Completely Funded for New Album


We the Kings have joined a long list of musicians who have taken to crowd sourcing site to help fund the production of a new album. In the past we have seen many people use sites such as Kickstater and IndieGoGo to help them fund projects that might be out of reach with out the help of some giving souls.

In the past we have seen some major wins such as the Veronica Mars campaign which managed to get the full $2 million in less than 24 hours, Zac Braff’s Wish I Was Here, but with the wins do in fact come some fails such as Eisley’s attempt as well as actresses/musicians Zoisa and Clara Mamet.  Unlike those unfortunate artists in the past, the Florida-based band managed to make their goal amount in not time at all.

The band had originally made their goal amount $35,000, to fund the making on their yet untitled fourth album. What came as a surprise to the band and probably nay-sayers against this type of funding, the band managed to make all that money and more in less than 19 hours.

As of the last time that their campaign had been checked, the band had gotten a staggering $52,070 and keep in mind, that the band still has 30 days left in their effort campaign.

If you’re feeling the giving mood at the moment then head on over the site here, or if you just want to see what hardcore fans they have.