Selena Gomez Confirms Lupus Diagnosis

Back at the end of 2013, several rumors began to surface when pop star Selena Gomez cancelled the Australian and Asia legs of her “Star Dance Tour” just a few weeks shy of the tour kicking off. At the time, the rumors ranged from it having to do with her off-again-on-again boyfriend Justin Bieber to her battling Lupus, an autoimmune disease that attacks the tissues and organs which leaves the person tired, depressed, and achy.

Now, several years and a brand new album later, Gomez has revealed in a recent interview with Billboard that the rumors of her battling Lupus were true. “I was diagnosed with Lupus, and I’ve been through chemotherapy. That’s what my break was really about. I could’ve had a stroke,” Gomez said.

Around the same time that the Lupus rumors began, others started that the cancellation of the tour happened because she had entered a rehab center. “I wanted so badly to say, ‘You guys have no idea. I’m in chemotherapy. You’re a–holes.’ I locked myself away until I was confident and comfortable again,” she told the publication.

At the time of the cancellation, Gomez’s management never responded to the Lupus rumor. Instead, the management team and Live Nation claimed that she needed a break from her non-stop touring schedule.

But that didn’t stop a supposed “close friend” of the singer’s from “confirming” to the Hollywood Life short after that she did indeed suffer from Lupus, According to the “source,” Gomez wanted to keep it a secret from everyone because she was embarrassed.

“Selena will not be happy that this is out there, she really wanted to keep this to herself,” the source said to “She doesn’t want it to affect people’s opinions of her and what she’s capable of. This is her own personal business and she wants to keep it that way.”

“She is embarrassed by it,” the source continued. “But her family and friends always tell her that they love her just the same.”

But things are beginning to look up for the pop star. Her new album, Revival, is scheduled to be released this Friday (Oct. 9) which features hit singles “Good For You” and “Same Old Love.” In support of the new music, she will also head out on the “Revival Tour” which she announced on social media last week. The tour will first hit North America before hoping across the pond.

Slipknot Bassist Rushed to Hospital During Show



Slipknot has commented on bassist Alessandro ‘V-Man’ Venturella’s hospitalization last night in Connecticut.

“After a medical emergency during last night’s show, we are relieved to let everyone know that our bass player, Alex ‘V-Man’ Venturella, is well on the road to recovery. Alex collapsed mid-set after feeling unwell and as a precautionary measure was taken to hospital where he was found to be suffering from severe dehydration. After recuperating overnight, he has now been discharged from hospital and is on his way back to his Slipknot family. All being well, Alex will be back onstage with us tomorrow in Mansfield, MA. We thank everyone who reached out with messages and well wishes for Alex and we look forward to be being back at full tilt for the rest of the Summer’s Last Stand tour.”


Slipknot were down a member last night (Aug. 2) during the Hartford, CT date of their “Summer’s Last Stand Tour.”

The metal band was a couple of tracks into their set when all of a sudden they left the stage. As it turned out, bassist Alessandro “Vman” Venturella had an unknown medical emergency and was rushed to the hospital. After a 20 minute break, the band returned to the stage as an eight-piece.

Before restarting the show, frontman Corey Taylor went on the microphone to update the fans on what had just taken place.

“I’m gonna let you know what’s going on right now,” began Taylor.

“I’m sorry to say that our bass player, Alex, had… Something happened. I’m not sure what happened. He’s been put into an ambulance and he’s going to the hospital right now as we speak. But I want you all to make fucking noise for him. Send him some fucking love. Now, we had a choice to come back out here. We’ve had to modify some shit, but we’re gonna keep on playing for you. It’s what we want, it’s what Alex would fucking want.”

Video of Taylor’s speech can be seen below.

At the time of this article being written, there had been no update on what exactly happened to Venturella. Slipknot did post on both Twitter and Facebook a short video featuring the Hartford crowd chanting Venturella name. The video of the united crowd can be seen below.

Tonight, the band has no shows scheduled, but tomorrow, they will hit the Xfinity Center in Boston. Here’s hoping that Venturella is feeling a little bit better.

Twenty One Pilots Cancel Upcoming Show


What is an act to do when their frontman comes down with a massive throat infection? Cancel, of course.

That’s what Twenty One Pilots had the misfortune of doing today when they announced that their show in Taipei, Taiwan was cancelled. Taking to Twitter, frontman Tyler Joseph revealed that the cancellation came after being diagnosed with a throat infection.

As if that wasn’t bad enough, Joseph also revealed that this would be the duo’s first show cancellation in the history of their six-year career. On the upside, he does promise the Taiwan Skeleton Clique that they will return in the future to make it up to them. When that would be exactly, that will remain unknown for sometime.

Check out the message from Joseph below.

No word yet if their show at the Suntec Singapore International Exhibition & Convention Centre in Singapore on Thursday (July 16) will also meet a similar fate.

Earlier this year, Twenty One Pilots released their fourth studio album, Blurryface, which landed at the number one spot on the Billboard 200. The rest of their Summer and part of the Fall will find the duo on a non-stop touring adventure in support of the record.

Bayside Guitarist Undergoes Spinal Surgery

Bayside are slated to head out on tour in celebration of their 15th anniversary as a band in March of 2015, but before the band can celebrate the momentous occasion, guitarist Jack O’Shea needs to undergo a serious procedure; spinal surgery.

O’Shea has posted pictures of himself from the hospital and a message (and pictures) to fans informing them of what led to him being forced to undergo surgery. O’Shea writes that during the band’s European tour, which recently wrapped up, he lost most of the use in his right arm. After returning home, he decided to go to a specialist which told him he needed to undergo surgery due to a level three fusion in his cervical spine.

“So 11 years of headbanging and playing 11lbs plus Les Paul’s had led me to spine surgery. A month ago I lost most of the use of my right arm and powered through a tour in Europe. I got home and decided to see a specialist to make sure my physical therapy was correct and was rushed into surgery. I had a 3 level fusion in my cervical spine and should hopefully get most if not all of my right arm back but it’s right into intense physical therapy starting next week. Also my nurse is terrible at installing IV’s.”

The band posted a little while ago on their official Twitter account that O’Shea is out of surgery and everything went as planned. Read their tweet below.

Green Day Guitarist Diagnosed with Tonsil Cancer

Green Day

Green Day revealed yesterday that backing guitarist-turned official member of the band Jason White had recently been battling with tonsil cancer. The band revealed the news in a post in which they inform fans that White had gone to the doctor to check to tonsil only for the doctors to reveal the cancer. Luckily, like they point out, the cancer is in the early stages and the doctors will be able to remove it.

Read the post below:

“We have some news to report regarding our brother Jason White, and wanted you to hear it from us before word spread. Jason recently underwent a routine tonsillectomy, and his doctors discovered a treatable form of tonsil cancer. Thankfully they caught it early and he should make a full and speedy recovery. 

Please join us in sending him love and positive healing vibes during this time.”

White has been an important member of Green Day since joining the band in 1999 as a touring guitarist for them, playing lead guitar during the California band’s live shows. In late 2012, around the time the band’s trilogy of albums ¡Uno!, ¡Dos!, and ¡Tré!, White officially became the fourth member of the group. White also played guitar for both of Green Day’s pseudonym side projects, Foxboro Hot Tubs and the Network.

Morrissey Reveals Past Cancer Scares


Morrissey and all his health scares have been the reason the former smiths frontman has not been able to complete an entire tour.

To this date, medical excuses the singer has used have been: Barrett’s esophagus, a bleeding ulcer, double pneumonia, and food poisoning.

But, those are nothing compare to the four times the Moz has faced cancer scares.

In an interview with Spanish newspaper, El Mundo, the singer reveal the scary news, telling the publication that he had four separate encounters in recent years.

“They have scraped cancerous tissues four times already,” Morrissey explained.

In Morrissey style, he followed it up by saying “whatever” and telling the publication “if I die, I die.”

“If I die, then I die. And if I don’t, then I don’t. Right now, I feel good. I am aware that in some of my recent photos I look somewhat unhealthy, but that’s what illness can do. I’m not going to worry about that. I’ll rest when I’m dead.”

He also reveals that doctors have urged him to stop touring, but we all know that Morrissey doesn’t do well with given orders. Besides, like he said, touring is “ingrained” in him.

The European leg of his tour recently began and though we know it sounds horrible, we’re wondering how many dates he’ll actually perform before it gets cancelled like the North American leg.

Morrissey’s new album, World Peace is None of Your Business was released this past Summer and a massive feud between the singer and his former (not former?) record label exploded.

Malcolm Young Suffering from Dementia


The news that Malcolm Young would no longer be a member of AC/DC was revealed earlier this week, but it looks like it the guitarist reason for “leaving” was a lot more serious than the band originally led on.

Malcolm, who co-founded the now legendary band with brother Angus, suffered a stroke in April, but according to the Sydney Morning Herald, the former guitarist is suffering from dementia and is receiving full-time care in a Sydney, Australia nursing home.

A press release from the band earlier in the week read, “due to the nature of his condition, he will not be returning to the band.”

Malcolm’s stroke earlier this year began rumors that AC/DC would be dismantling. The rumors ended up being just that with the band revealing that they would be releasing a brand new album later this year. This week’s revelation also brought a new member in the band, but the group decided to keep it “all in the family” by hiring Malcolm’s nephew, Stephen, to fill in on guitar for his uncle.

On top of the new record which has been titled Rock or Bust, their lead single, “Play Ball” will be featured during the Major League Baseball’s postseason games beginning next month. There’s also talk about a world tour scheduled for 2015, but until tour dates are unveiled, it will be just that.

Check out the new song below.

AC/DC Down a Member As New Album is Announced


AC/DC are about to releases a new studio album, but with that good piece of news comes some bad news as well.

Earlier this year, founding member Malcolm Young had been hospitalized after suffering a stroke which started a firestorm or rumors that the band would be dismantling even though a new record was in the works.

The rumors turned out to be just that, rumors, while any talk about Malcolm’s health had been at a minimal until today when a press release was issued confirming what some fans were expecting; Malcolm has departed the band.

“Due to the nature of [his] condition, he will not be returning to the band,” read the press release from the band.

Before those former rumors were able to pick up again, AC/DC announced that Malcolm’s nephew Stephen would be handling all the guitar work on the new record as well as their still-to-be-announced world tour scheduled for 2015.

When asked about the likelihood of Malcolm’s departure being permanent, AC/DC biographer Jesse Finke responded with, “The important thing is we all let Mal be and hope he can recover. We should all expect that Stevie is in the band now.”

Not a complete confirmation that Malcolm may never return to the group.

AC/DC’s new record, Rock or Bust is set to be released on Dec. 2 while the first single from the record, “Play Ball” will soundtrack Major League Baseball’s postseason game beginning next month.

As for the world tour, like we said before, no confirmation or tour dates have been hinted at yet, so we’ll just wait for that.

Avicii Cancels More Tour Dates


Bad news for electronic dance music fans hoping to see Avicii in concert in the near future; the DJ has had to cancel the rest of his tour due to health concerns.

This cancellation of his upcoming tour dates isn’t the first time Avicii (real name Tim Bergling) has had to cancel a show/appearance. Back in March, the Swedish producer had to cancel his headlining appearance at Miami’s Ultra Music Festival and was admitted to the hospital.

After his admittance, the producer revealed that his health concern was much more serious than they anticipated in which he had to have surgery to remove his gall bladder and appendix.

With the new string of cancellations, Avicii’s management have released the following statement.

Oh yeah, and did we mention that yesterday was his 25th birthday? Not a good way to start 25.

“At Night Management has tabled all touring and promotional activities for Avicii, aka Tim Bergling, until further notice so that he can fully recuperate from lingering health issues related to surgeries that removed his gall bladder and appendix earlier this year.

The international superstar, who is the #1 Most Influential Artist Under 25 according to Spotify, is taking a break at home in Stockholm so he can regain his strength and physical well-being before the release of a new album project next year.”

Chiodos Drop Off “Crowd Surf America Tour” Due to Medical Emergency


If you were one of the many fans who were looking forward to seeing Chiodos on their co-headlining tour with Blessthefall and support from I Killed the Prom Queen and Capture the Crown (also known as the “Crowd Surf America Tour”), then bad news is coming in your direction.

The band sadly had to announce that they will be dropping off the remaining tour stops due to a medical emergency on behalf of one of the guys.

In a letter to fans posted earlier in the day, the band revealed that guitarist Thomas Erak has had a recurring medical emergency that needed to be attended to immediately. due to the urgency of the medical emergency, the band figured it was in the best interest of all of them to just miss the last seven dates of the “Crowd Surf America Tour” than soldier on without Erak.

In the post, the band do say that they look forward to “seeing everyone on the upcoming Parks and Devastation Tour” which they will be heading out on with A Day to Remember, Bring Me the Horizon, and Motionless in White which is slated to begin on September 4 in Pittsburgh.

You can read the band’s statement below as well as the dates that they will be missing.

“Chiodos will be leaving the Crowd surf America Tour for the remaining dates from Rochester, NY through Columbia, MO.

We are sorry to our fans as well as the bands on the tour Bless the Fall, I Killed the Prom Queen and Capture the Crown. Our guitarist Thomas Erak has had a reoccurring medical emergency that needs immediate attention and we want to support him in his recovery.  

We plan to make up these dates this year. We appreciate our fans continued support and look forward to seeing everyone on the upcoming Parks and Devastation tour with A Day To Remember, Bring Me The Horizon, and Motionless in White.”

CROWD SURF AMERICA TOUR (dates Chiodos will be missing):

August 22 – Rochester, NY – Water Street Music Hall
August 23 – Stroudsburg, PA – Sherman Theater
August 26 – Cincinnati, OH – Bogarts
August 27 – Bloomington, IL – Castle Theatre
August 28 – Milwaukee, WI – The Rave
August 29 – Joliet, IL – Mojoes
August 30 – Columbia, MO – The Blue Note Festivals