Beatles Bootlegger Busted


Well, having someone arrested for selling bootlegged versions of hit albums is definitely one way to take action against those pesky perps.

A Cumbrian man was sentenced to four months in jail after it was discovered that he was selling illegal copies of albums from the Beatles. But that’s not where it ends for the man; when officers went into his residence, they discovered that the man had Bootleg vinyl LPs and illegally copied CDs in his West View, Alston home.

Officers were tipped off by the British Recorded Music Industry Limited at least according to the BBC. All the music that was in Paul Parkin’s possession were from the iconic band and included dodgy copies of Sgt Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band, Rubber Soul, White Unplugged Album, At The Hollywood Bowl and Please Please Me.

Parkin, who is 57, plead guilty 23 offences during a hearing at Carlisle Crown Court. The 23 offences included: ten counts of trying to distribute vinyl records and 13 counts of possession of goods with intent to cause loss to another aka The Beatles.

“Internet trading has made it easier for individuals to distribute counterfeit goods. The unauthorized use of registered trademarks damages legitimate traders who trade lawfully. Anyone found to be selling or distributing counterfeit goods can face prosecution, confiscation of illegally earned assets or even – as Parkin has found out to his cost – imprisonment” stated Angela Jones, trading standards service manager for Cumbria County Council.

Guess if you’re planning to steal and distribute illegal music across the pond, then you better think twice.