Jimmy Eat World Release New Music Video


Jimmy Eat World are back with the official music video for their first new single, “I Will Steal You Back.”

About a month or so back, the band had announced that they will be releasing a brand new album, Damage. Following the announcement, they went on to reveal a lyric video for the single and even went on to perform it during Record Store Day back in April.

Check out the band’s video below and don’t forget that Damages arrives in store on June 11th.

Jimmy Eat World Perform In-Store for Record Store Day


Record Store Day is one of the biggest days for music lover having artists contribute one of a kind songs and rare tracks that will never be found elsewhere.

As part of yesterday’s festivities, Jimmy Eat World performed at Fingerprints in Long Beach. The band had released a Record Store Day 7-inch which included a brand new song as well as a Radiohead cover.

Thanks to a fans and their love of technology, there is video of the band performing their recently released single, “I Will Steal You Back” as well as the song that launched them to Top 100 fame, “The Middle.”

The first video is of high quality but only features the band performing “I Will Steal You Back” while the second is of low quality, but is the full set.


(High Quality)

(Low Quality)