Teaser of new Brand New track leaked online


UPDATE: Well, so much for waiting until Friday to release their brand new single. Following Amazon ruining the surprise, Brand New has now released the full version of their new song “I Am a Nightmare.” Listen to the complete track below.

In addition to the full stream, you can now pre-order the 12-inch vinyl single with B-side lyric etching over at Procrastinate! Music Traitors’ website here. The pre-order also comes with a digitally version of the song.

Enjoy, and happy Tuesday.

EARLIER: Brand New may have had plans of surprising their fans with a new song later this week, but it looks like things did not go as planned. On Tuesday (May 17), it was confirmed that Brand New would be releasing a brand new song titled “I Am a Nightmare” on Friday, May 20. Thanks to Amazon, the information was leaked ahead of time as well as a 30-second clip of the song. Currently, the 30-second clip is available on Amazon alongside a pre-order for the track which will be released in full to the general public at the end of the week.

The clip for “I Am a Nightmare” comes months after it was confirmed that Brand New would be releasing a new album some time in 2016. While the band never came forward with the confirmation, their record label, Procrastinate!, did. Back in January, image of an email sent to the label’s email newsletter list made its rounds on the internet. On the image, in the synopsis area, there was confirmation that the group would be one of the label’s acts to be releasing a new album in the new year.

If that was not enough of a confirmation, the fact that Brand New announced a co-headlining summer tour with Modest Mouse may have been the proof fans needed. The complete list of tour dates for that summer tour which will kick off next month, can be seen here.

Last year, Brand New released their long-awaited, stand-alone single “Mene” and followed it up with another song titled “Sealed to Me.” No word on whether any of these songs will be featured on that upcoming new album.