Panic! at the Disco Call Westboro Baptist Church’s Bluff


For a band that calls Las Vegas home, Panic! at the Disco surely called the Westboro Baptist Church’s bluff.

Last week, the Westboro Baptist Church, one of the most detested, despised and obnoxious group of people in the world, released a parody of Panic! at the Disco’s hit, debut song, “I Write Sins, Not Tragedies.” Considering that the group of anti-everything had not only announced plans to do that, they had also announced plan to picket the band’s Kansas City, MO, we were all expecting the song to come out, which by the way is horrible.

We’re pretty sure that the WBC expect all the hate, but one thing we are sure they did not expect was for Panic! to announce that they would donate $20 to the Human Right Campaign for every member of the WBC that would show up at the show to picket.

Check out the interaction between the band and the WBC after the original tweet was posted, yesterday, in which the band not only called their bluff, but also burned them in a response.