Hot Chelle Rae Premiere ‘Don’t Say Goodnight’


We haven’t heard much from Hot Chelle Rae since their bassist Ian Keaggy announced that he would be leaving the band because he thought it was the most appropriate time for him to do so.

After informing fans that they were in the midst of working on new music, the band are back and giving them their first new track in four months, “Don’t Say Goodnight.” The song originally premiered early this morning exclusively on SiriusXM, but now it’s available online for everyone to hear.

As of last year, the band said that they were working on their third album, the follow-up to 2011’s Whatever and on the same day that Keaggy announced he had left the band, the remaining members released a song titled, “Recklessly” which is believed to be from their third album.

It is rumored the third album will be titled Three, but no official word has been given if it’s true and when it is scheduled to be released.

Hot Chelle Rae Bassist Leave Band


In what might be shocking news to fans of Hot Chelle Rae, it seems that the band’s bassist, Ian Keaggy has decided to leave the band. In a statement that he posted on his personal blog, he explains his decision to leave the band. In the length post that can be read here, he writes that he felt that is was his time to move on and since his last performance with the group in mid-September, he had been trying to figure out just how to move on solo.

Hot Chelle Rae took to their Facebook page to break the news to fans who did not see Keaggy’s post earlier in the morning on Twitter. In that statement they said:

Dear Hot Chelle Rae Fans,

Today is very bittersweet for Hot Chelle Rae. After spending the last six years working like crazy, and putting in more work than you can ever know, our friend and bass player Ian Keaggy has decided to leave the band in order to pursue some of his other passions. We’ve taken HCR from a barn, to traveling the world, to where we are today … and couldn’t have done it without him. Being in this band is more than a full-time job, and knowing how talented Ian is in MANY fields, we wish nothing but the best for him as he spends time on some of the things he’s sacrificed in order to be part of HCR. 

So today begins a new chapter for Hot Chelle Rae and we want to be clear in saying that we are in NO way slowing down. Quite the opposite. We are working day and night to finish our new album which we will launch with it’s first official single in early 2014 to be followed by the full album shortly thereafter.

In the meantime, we have an exclusive gift for our fans. Later today, we’ll be releasing a new video for a song from the upcoming album. The song is called “Recklessly” and the video features a collection of footage from our travels around the world including our tour last summer with Justin Bieber and our Japanese tour in August. We’ve received an incredible response from our fans for this song and felt like this video was the perfect way to look back, reflect and say thank you to all of you for always sticking by us as we move forward.

We hope you enjoy the video … and please join us in wishing our friend and bass player the best of luck. We love you Ian. 

Ryan, Nash and Jamie 
Hot Chelle Rae

Hot Chelle Rae returned back to the studio to work on their third album, the follow-up to 2011’s Whatever which reached number 48 on Billboard’s 200 thanks in part to that summer’s anthem, “Tonight, Tonight.” They released their first new single, “Hung Up” back in January and revealed their new album was due in late Spring/early Summer. So far,t he album has not been released.

Hot Chelle Rae Giving Away Free Download


Remember hearing “Tonight, Tonight” on constant repeat on the radio and blaring out of the car next to you’s speakers? Well, the band that had one of the most infectious and probably annoying summer jams of 2011 are back and this time they are giving away a free download of their new song, “Hung Up.”

To get the download, head on over here.

While waiting for that little download thing to reach 100%, you can watch the video for “Hung Up” below.