Hostage Calm Officially Break Up


Yesterday’s announcement that Hostage Calm would not be continuing on Citizen’s current tour (Slingshot Dakota quickly replaced them on the bill) should have been the tip-off that something wasn’t right.

Not even a day after the news of them dropping off of the tour had been confirmed, the Connecticut based band had announced that they had disbanded.

In a message posted to fans on the band’s official Facebook page, they explain that there is some major heartache in the decision to call it a day. They tell fans that “it’s too soon, it’s too young, and it hurts too much” and all previously scheduled show have been cancelled.

“Hostage Calm has broken up. It’s too soon, it’s too young, and it hurts too much.

All planned shows are canceled. We are still figuring out if and when there will be any final shows.
I want to personally thank every one of you who supported us over the years. You shared so much more with us than you’ll ever know. From our music to our politics, you helped make a bunch of Wallingford kids’ foolish dreams a reality. It was the great privilege of our young lives.

To all of you who’ve connected with us, who’ve grown with us, who’ve loved, changed, cried, lived with us – and to all of you who will yet – Just know that we loved what we did, and we could never have done it alone. “I’ve been a hero, and I’ve been a fool. And all of it for you.”

Yours Forever,
Hostage Calm”

This news comes as a shock to many fans especially since they had just released their fourth studio album, Die on Stage not even a month ago (Sept. 16). This is usually when people who make some “died on stage” puns, but we might advise that you don’t.

Less Than Jake, Pentimento, and Hostage Calm Release Tour Sampler


Less than Jake will be heading out on tour with Pentimento and Hostage Calm this Summer and as a gift to fans or more like a preview of what to expect from this tour, the bands have come together to release a free tour sampler. The sampler features only three tracks which means one track per band, but that might be enough for the bands to give just a taste of what to expect come June.

To get access to the tour sampler, just click here.

While the sampler downloads, check out the tour dates below.

Less Than Jake with Hostage Calm and Pentimento
Jun 11, 2013-Patchogue, NY, Emporium
Jun 12, 2013-New York, NY, Rocks Off! Boat Cruise
Jun 14, 2013-Montebello, QC, Amnesia Rockfest
Jun 15, 2013-New Haven, CT, Toads
Jun 16, 2013-Boston, MA, Rocks On! Boat Cruise
Jun 18, 2013-Nags Head, NC, Kelly’s
Jun 19, 2013-Raleigh, NC, Lincoln Theater
Jun 20, 2013-Atlanta, GA, Masquerade
Jun 21, 2013-St Augustine, FL, The Standard
Jun 22, 2013-Melbourne, FL, County Line Saloon
Jun 28, 2013-Madison, WI, Majestic Theatre
Jun 29, 2013-Milwaukee, WI, Summerfest

Jul 21, 2013-El Paso, Texas Ink Life Tour 2013 – Texas Tattoo Showdown Festival
Aug 3, 2013-Clearfield, PA, Clearfield County Fair
Aug 10, 2013-Collingwood, ON, Wakestock
Aug 20, 2013-Norfolk, VA, The Norva
Aug 22, 2013-Charleston, SC, Music Farm
Aug 23, 2013-Myrtle Beach, SC, House Of Blues
Aug 24, 2013-Orlando, FL, House Of Blues
Aug 30, 2013-Gainesville Rock City, FL, High Dive
Aug 31, 2013-Gainesville Rock City, FL, High Dive
Sep 01, 2013-Gainesville Rock City, FL, High Dive
Oct 12, 2013-Sao Paulo, Brazil WROS FEST
Oct 13, 2013-Sao Paulo, Brazil WROS FEST