Sum 41 Frontman Admitted into Hospital for Kidney and Liver Failure


In what has come as surprising news to fans and casual listeners of Sum 41, frontman Deryck Whibley has released an open letter revealing that he was admitted to the hospital to deal with some serious health concerns. In the letter, he reveals that he was admitted into the hospital over a month ago to get treatment for both kidney and liver failure after collapsing in his home and being sedated at the hospital for a week. 

By his own account, Whibley had admitted that years of serious alcohol abuse had led to the situation that he is currently in; laid up in a hospital with serious health conditions. He also reveals that he understand that after the bad has passed, he would never be able to drink again. The only upside, he says? The fact that his musical muse had finally returned and that he is currently writing music. 

You can read his letter (and see a picture straight from the hospital) below and just remember guys, drink with responsibly. It might sound like a clichéd, alcohol commercial disclaimer, but no one wants to one day be admitted into the hospital with such serious health problems at such a young age. 

“hey everyone, it’s deryck here. sorry i’ve been so m.i.a. lately, but i’ve been very sick in the hospital for a month and was pretty sick for a few weeks leading up to my trip to the hospital. the reason i got so sick is from all the hard boozing i’ve been doing over the years. it finally caught up to me. i was drinking hard every day. until one night. i was sitting at home, poured myself another drink around mid night and was about to watch a movie when all of a sudden i didn’t feel so good.

i then collapsed to the ground unconscious. my fiancé got me rushed to the hospital where they put me into the intensive care unit. i was stuck with needles and i.v.’s all over. i was completely sedated the FIRST WEEK. when i finally woke up the next day i had no idea where i was. my mum and step dad were standing over me. i was so freaked out. my liver and kidney’s collapsed on me. needless to say it scared me straight. i finally realized i can’t drink anymore. if i have one drink the doc’s say i will die. i’m not preaching or anything but just always drink responsibly. i didn’t, and look where that got me. (i never thought i would ever say that! haha) anyway i have my passion and inspiration back for writing music. i already have a few song ideas for new songs. soon it will be time to start making an album and getting back to touring again. see you all sometime! there will be more posts again so say up to date friends.



Silverstein Guitarist Hospitalized


We haven’t heard much from Silverstein in a while, but last night, the band released a statement to fans that one of them was sick. Guitarist, Paul Marc had been admitted into the hospital at their Cornwall, Ontario stop of their current tour.

In the statement, singer Shane Todd revealed that Marc had started to feel some pain before their show in Sherbrooke and decided it would be wise to stop at a hospital to have him check out. It was a good thing that they did so because Marc had to have emergency abdominal surgery.

As of now, all upcoming tour dates ave been reschedule and hopefully will be able to hit the road again sometime next weekend. The full statement from Todd, on behalf of the other members, can be read below.

“Hi everyone, we have some bad news. Paul Marc is in a hospital in Cornwall, ON after having to have emergency abdominal surgery last night. He started feeling severe pain right before our show in Sherbrooke and it got so bad we had to stop at a hospital on the way back to Toronto. Right now our shows in Windsor, Kitchener and Hamilton are being rescheduled. Paul Marc got through the surgery okay, and hopefully he is recovered for the shows the next weekend in Etobicoke and Scarborough. Please feel free to send him well wishes through his twitter @paulmarc or Instagram @paulmarcsees . We’ll let you know when we have new dates for the makeup shows. Thanks for your understanding. 

Shane // Silverstein”

Lil Wayne Leaves Hospital


The fact that Lil’ Wayne has managed to leave the hospital an exact week after allegedly having a seizure that almost killed him, is a miracle in itself.

Last week, the Young Money rapper was reportedly rushed to Los Angeles’ Cedar-Sinai Hospital because of a seizure that almost killed him. According to gossip site, TMZ, the rapper has suffered a seizure due to an overdose of codeine and even had to get his stomach pumped three times.

After the initial news hit the headlines last Friday, there were many contradicting statements about what was happening at Camp Weezy. First his people claimed that he was okay, just watching basketball but then a tweet sent out on the rapper’s officially Twitter said that he was “okay” and “alive” and thanking the fans for all their prayers. The same evening, a hospital worker said that there was no way that such a tweet could have been sent by Lil’ Wayne since he was fast asleep at the time.

When talk of the seizure being cause by an overdose started to run rapid, many of his friends including mentor, Birdman said that there was no way that the seizure was caused by an overdose, it could be attributed to all the stress that the rapper had on his shoulder he said in an interview with Hot 97 DJ, Miss Info.

Lil’ Wayne is reportedly doing well at home, just laying low and getting better, but his new album, I Am Not a Human Being II is still set to drop on March 26.

Morrissey Readmitted into Hospital


Not even a month after being released from the hospital, Morrissey has once again been admitted into the hospital, but this time in San Francisco. Due to his ailing health, the singer has had to cancel yet another couple of tour dates from his current tour.

“Due to Morrissey’s medical condition, tonight’s engagement at the Regency Ballroom in San Francisco will need to be rescheduled and will now take place on May 1,” read an update on his Facebook page concerning his cancellations.

According to True to You, a Morrissey webzine that usually release statements about The Smith frontman, Morrissey “is presently being treated in San Francisco for ‘double pneumonia,’ but remains on court to headline the Vive Latino festival in Mexico City on March 14.”

This will be the second time that he has been admitted to the hospital in 2013. The first time was in Michigan this past January where it was confirmed that he had a bleeding ulcer which resulted in him having to reschedule stops in Chicago, Minneapolis and Atlanta.

After being released, he resumed his touring duties on Feb. 9 in Las Vegas and then pulled out of his Jimmy Kimmel Live appearance once he was informed that the co-guest stars would be the cast of A&E’s Duck Dynasty who make their living from selling equipment used to capture and kill ducks.

In case you didn’t know, Morrissey is a super serious about animal rights and just finished performing at the beginning of the month at the first ever Vegetarian Concert at the Staples Center in LA.