Stream the Multi Record Label Sampler, ‘From the Get Go’


Fearless, Hopeless, No Sleep, Rise, Pure Noise, Epitaph, Bad Timing, Artery, and Blue Swan Records have all joined forces to release one massive music sampler. From The Get Go is a 20-song sampler which showcases some of the new artists the labels have signed to their expanding rosters. Some of the record label heads like Ian Harrison from Hopeless, Zack Zarrillo from Bad Timing (and formerly of Property of Zack), Will Swan from Blue Swan, and more spoke about the joint effort to Alternative Press.

“There are so many great new bands in our community that deserve to be discovered by fans and this sampler put them all in one spot,” explains Harrison. “From The Get Go is the future of our scene.”

From The Get Go is a great way for multiple record labels to come together to showcase just a few parts of what makes our individual rosters so exciting. This is hopefully the start of an annual tradition where we can share and bolster our bands and catalogs,” added Zarrillo.

Fearless Sal Torres added, “We wanted to do something that was fun and showed community through all the great bands and people that we work with. These songs are some of the artist’s introduction to the world, and we just wanted to help people discover them great way.”

“All of the labels involved have stellar fan bases, all slightly different. One may be primarily teenage male driven, while another may be older and international. All in all, this is an amazing opportunity to expose bands to a vast amount of new demographics. Artery Recordings was proud to contribute,” said Artery president Shan Dan.

While Blue Swan’s Will Swan added, “I think this sampler is an awesome opportunity for people to discover the best up and coming acts from the top labels in the scene. We’re ushering in a new era of bands that are going to take over and you can say you heard it here first.”

The sampler can be streamed below while the track list featuring the artist, song, and the record label can also be viewed below.


1. Conquer Divide – “Nightmares” (Artery Recordings)
2. Phinehas – “Truth Be Told” (Artery Recordings)
3. Bonfires – “Bury Me” (Bad Timing Records)
4. Head North – “The Planet” (Bad Timing Records)
5. Eidola – “To Know What’s Real” (Blue Swan Records)
6. Hail The Sun – “Human Target Practice” (Blue Swan Records)
7. Beautiful Bodies – “Capture & Release” (Epitaph Records)
8. This Wild Life – “Stay Up Late” (Epitaph Records)
9. Crooks UK – “A Few Peaceful Days” (Equal Vision Records)
10. Gatherers – “God Deluxe” (Equal Vision Records)
11. As It Is – “Cheap Shots & Setbacks” (Fearless Records)
12. Movements – “Protection (Demo)” (Fearless Records)
13. Trash Boat – “Perspective” (Hopeless Records)
14. Trophy Eyes – “In Return” (Hopeless Records)
15. Ghost Key – “Judgement” (No Sleep Records)
16. WSTR – “Graveyard Shift” (No Sleep Records)
17. Brigades – “Knife Dance” (Pure Noise Records)
18. Jule Vera – “Scarlet Letter” (Pure Noise Records)
19. Light Up The Sky – “I Will Never” (Rise Records)
20. Rarity – “Anne Hathaway” (Rise Records)

Bayside Announce New Album and Stream New Song


UPDATE: Looks like Bayside have released “Pigsty” for our listening pleasure already.

Check it out here:


Well, Bayside was trying to be cute and cryptic this past weekend by releasing several pictures for fans to ponder over until they released some big announcement this coming week, but it looks like Amazon has once again ruined the fun ahead of time.

In case you didn’t see, Bayside had released five photos which had some wondering just what it might mean even though our assumption was that a new album was on its way. Today, Amazon killed the suspense of the imminent announcement by posting up the album information including the title and album art ahead of time.

The album art which the band posted yesterday on their Twitter, seemed to meld together all the cryptic photos that had been unveiled during the weekend. The revelation also included the track list for the album which can be seen below as well as word that the first song to be for sale on iTunes will be, “Pigsty.”

CULT will be the band’s sixth studio album and is scheduled to be released on February 18. For fans wanting to already pre-order the album, they can head on over to Hopeless’ website and do so here.

Somehow we feel that Hopeless needs to tell the people at amazon to keep it shut until they are ready.


1. Big Cheese
2. Time Has Come
3. Hate Me
4. You’re No Match
5. Pigsty
6. Transitive Property
7. Stuttering
8. Bear With Me
9. Objectivist On Fire
10. Something’s Wrong
11. The Whitest Lie